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Researcher from the Netherlands wins Green CellDrop

Selected at random from thousands of entries from scientists worldwide, Michiel Schrijen from Wageningen University & Research was picked as the winner of the Green CellDrop Giveaway from Denovix!

Genie Life Sciences Launch Announcement

We are glad to announce that GC biotech starts the distribution of Genie Life Sciences’ laboratory automation platform and software in almost every European country.

Purigen Launch Announcement

Ionic® Purification System for clinical and oncology researchers launched in Europe

LABinsights articles (in Dutch)

LABinsights is a Dutch platform and magazine with practical information for professionals in the laboratory industry. GC biotech writes an article about a product or other topical issue for LABinsights every month. Click on the articles below to read them (in Dutch).

Automated TipNovus (ATN)

Grenova, the laboratory industry’s only patented technology capable of washing and reusing plastic consumables, has unveiled the Automated TipNovus (ATN) Package.


The consequences of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak are unprecedented and felt around the world. Industries are being profoundly affected by the pandemic. Fortunately, BiOptic Inc. remains high productivity and keeps devoted to technological innovation.


ELRIG Drug Discovery 2023

GC biotech UK will exhibit ELRIG Drug Discovery in Liverpool on 18 & 19 of October, 2023.


Thank you for visiting our booth at LABVOLUTION on 9-11 of May 2023 in Hannover, Germany.

SLAS Europe 2023

Thank you for visiting our booth at SLAS EU on 24-25 of May 2023 in Brussels, Belgium.

The Festival of Genomics & Biodata

Thank you for visiting GC biotech UK’s booth at The Festival of Genomics & Biodata in London on Jan 25-26, 2023.


Thank you for visiting our booth at World of Technology & Science from 27 to 30 September 2022 at the Jaarbeurs.


Lynx LM1800 platforms will run 30.000 samples per year

As responsible institute for safe and efficient blood supply in the Netherlands, Sanquin has an important role in the life of thousands of people.

Improved testing method for cervical cancer detection: automated and patient-friendly

GC biotech and Self-screen, both located in the Netherlands, recently joined forces to develop a new and automated method for the detection

Dynamic Devices Lynx LM1800, GC biotech, CleanNA & inBiome automate rapid COVID PCR testing.

GC biotech & CleanNA (Double Helix Group, Waddinxveen, NL) and inBiome (Amsterdam, NL) announce a strategic partnership

Dynamic Devices LM700 as an automated solution for multiple plant-breeding related applications

Company A is a plant breeding company specialized in developing new vegetable species to actively contribute to food supply

An automated solution for novel high-throughput translation modular screening

Together with GC biotech, Anima biotech created a solution that increased the throughput to 150 plates per day, with room for growth.

Automated DNA extraction, Normalization and PCR setup

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Recent news

ISO 9001 certificate

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Solid Tissue Dissociation. Automated.

July 2021

GC biotech are pleased to announce the addition of the Singulator 100 from S2 Genomics to the product portfolio.

GC biotech is based in Waddinxveen in The Netherlands and are experts in laboratory automation with Life Sciences expertise.

S2 Genomics enables automated processing of raw tissues into single cells or nuclei for genomics and cell biology studies.

The S2 Singulator is an Automated Tissue Dissociation System, producing single cells or nuclei from solid tissues in minutes.

The bench-top System and its single-use cartridges enable reproducible, rapid and hands-off tissue dissociations into single-cell or nuclei suspensions.

Its ability to perform cold dissociation minimizes the expression of stress-related genes in cells and helps preserve RNA quality in nuclei.
Researchers can now easily obtain suspensions of nuclei or high-viability cells for a wide range of single-cell analyses.


Supercharge your single cell research!

Watch this space!

July 2021

On Tuesday 6th July we will be making an announcement regarding an exciting new addition to the GC biotech product portfolio.


CleanNA, part of the Double Helix Group and Sister company to GC biotech, join forces with the Squash Association of the Netherlands to organise a responsible Squash Premier League.

February 2021

Since January 4th 2021, it is possible for a selected group of Dutch professional squash players to practice under strict NOC * NSF conditions and therefore have been able to resume their daily work activities. After 12 months of not competing, Squash Bond Nederland, can again offer perspective for the Dutch professional squash players while simultaneously provide the (online) squash community with much needed entertainment via livestream.

Read more here


GC biotech & CleanNA (Double Helix Group) forge a strategic partnership with inBiome to automate rapid COVID PCR testing in The Netherlands.

January 2021

GC biotech and CleanNA are pleased to be collaborating with inBiome in the fight against the COVID pandemic, this project builds on an already existing strategic partnership and will increase the testing capacity for the Dutch Government through the use of high-throughput, automated solutions supplied by GC biotech.

Webinar DeNovix Assays

July 2020

On July 23 2020 our second webinar will be held. During this webinar we will discuss the power of fluorescence for quantification of nucleic acid samples – expert tips & tricks

Some of the topics we will cover:

  • Absorption versus Fluorescence
  • Options for increased throughput
  • Tips and tricks
  • Variation and compatibility between platforms

More information will follow soon!

ISO 9001 certificate

June 2020

Since 2012 GC biotech is ISO 9001 certified. This demonstrates our ability and desire to effectively and efficiently provide a quality management system, while continuously improving our products and services as well as our internal processes. Last week we had our recertification audit and we are proud to announce that we passed this audit without any deviations! Click here for our certificate.

An alternative workflow for molecular detection of COVID-19 using the SensiFAST Probe One-Step Kit

June 2020

This article describes a simple and fast workflow for molecular detection of SARS-CoV-2, where samples are simply heat-processed for 5 min at 98 °C before a commonly-used RT-qPCR procedure. It concludes that the SensiFAST Probe One-Step Kit is fully compatible with this alternative workflow and the best performing Kit that is tested.


June 2020

On May 20, 2020 we hosted our first webinar. Dan Schieffer from Denovix gave a very informative presentation how to optimize cell counting accuracy. The record of the webinar can be watched here.

Tools for COVID-19

April 2020

The highly contagious Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) affects all of us. Within GC biotech we have taken several precautions to keep our employees safe. Nevertheless we are committed to deliver products and support as fast and safely as possible. We are closely working together with our business partners and suppliers to achieve this.

To support the effort of scientist who are working hard to get more knowledge about the virus, we have a comprehensive portfolio of both reagents and automation solutions that can be used in COVID-19 testing and research.

GC biotech UK office

April 2019

We are pleased to announce the addition of our UK division, GC biotech UK Ltd to the Double Helix group. This will enabling us to serve and support the UK market directly. The new office is located in the St. Albans countryside of Hertfordshire, close to London.

Grenova Partners with European Distributor

Grenova Inc., a USA based company, announced today an agreement with GC biotech BV for the distribution of their TipNovus product lines. Under this new agreement GC biotech BV becomes the exclusive distribution partner of Grenova Inc. tip washing devices in the EU market.

“At Grenova, we see that high consumption of plastic consumables is an excessive, avoidable operational cost for laboratories and a significant contributor to environmental pollution. Therefore, our passionate and dedicated Grenova team embarked on a relentless mission to create devices that enable labs to recycle and wash consumables in large quantities. Our mission is to enable labs to grow toward sustainability while reducing operational costs associated with plastic consumables globally. We are excited and look forward to partnering and collaborating with the GC Biotech BV team to introduce Grenova devices and its mission into the European market.” said Ali Safavi, CEO at Grenova Inc.

“Since the establishment of GC biotech BV, we have been focusing on the high throughput automation market very strongly. We cover the entire EU market and our highly educated team of Engineers and Applications Specialists are delivering the high standard of service these kind of customers need. Becoming the European partner of Grenova Inc. fits in our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy contributing to a more sustainable and waste-free world. Reusing the washed robotic tips contributes not only to a better environment, but also reduces costs for customers.” Said Glenn Nohar, CEO at GC biotech BV.

The distribution agreement with GC biotech BV is effective immediately and covers all Grenova Inc. products (TipNovus, TipNovusMini and TipLumis).

Grenova was founded in 2014 with a focus on providing high throughput automated devices to wash, sterilize and dry laboratory plastic consumables for reuse purposes in order to cut down on costs and plastic waste in the life sciences industry. Grenova started with its initial focus on pipette tips, the most common plastic consumable used widely across labs. Currently, Grenova devices have been validated and implemented across all different labs in the industry, such as clinical, genomics, pharmaceuticals, and many others for different assays and sample types. Grenova customers in the US have reported an average savings of over 90% on cost and waste reduction on their annual pipette tips consumption. As of today, and continuously growing, over 62 million pipette tips have been safely washed and reused in highly accredited production labs without any compromise to the samples or the results. For more information on Grenova, visit, or contact the founder, Ali Safavi at

GC biotech BV was established in 2004 and provides a wide range of instruments, reagents and consumables in the area of Life Sciences research and diagnostics. GC biotech BV is well known as an automation specialist in this field serving Biotech companies, Pharma companies, leading Research Institutes, and Academic Hospitals. GC biotech BV GC biotech is the sister company of CleanNA, which develops and manufactures magnetic bead- based kits with a focus on high throughput nucleic acid purification applications. Both companies are headquartered in Waddinxveen, The Netherlands. For more information on GC biotech BV, or contact Glenn Nohar

Sport brings us together

We at GC biotech believe sport is important. Besides the positive health effects, sport brings people together. Together we can achieve more! As a part of our social commitment we sponsored the soccer tournament of our colleague Siem Rijnberg.

The aim of this tournament was not only to have a lot of fun, but also to create awareness for the metabolic disorder INAD. INAD is characterized by abnormalities of nerve endings, resulting in loss of proper nerve function starting at a young age.
We are grateful for the opportunity to be a sponsor of this event!


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