Corporate social responsibility

Today companies play a vital role in the development of society and their duties go beyond their economic functions and legal requirements. In order to satisfy our stakeholders´ expectations we incorporate social, ethical and environmental commitments to our business performance. CSR as part of our company strategy increases our competitiveness. Within GC biotech, our employees play a central role, making it within the company one of the most important factors to gain competitive advantage. Our people significantly contribute to the achievement of the company’s goals. By implementing CSR activities into our business performance, we significantly influence our employee’s wellbeing. Wellbeing at GC biotech is a comprehensive concept including psychical, emotional and social issues inside and outside the company, contributes to the total personal benefit of each GC biotech employee, as well as to the company’s long- term effectiveness and competiveness.

To support the ambition of taking our CSR efforts to the next level, the following areas have been chosen as our CSR activities:

At GC biotech we acknowledge the importance of sustainable development and the environmental responsibility we have to conserve our planet. Through responsible utilization of resources and waste management, we continuously strive to improve our work policies and practices to reduce our environmental impact. We encourage all our employees and customers to use energy and resources sparingly and to recycle materials wherever possible. 

GC biotech aims to enhance the health and wellbeing of their employee’s and society in general by encouraging sports as one of our CSR activities.

According our view, sports effect people in general in a positive way, is youth-friendly, health-oriented, socially interactive, environmentally aware, culturally liberating and fun. By encouraging sports GC biotech tries to have an impact on attitudes towards health enhancement and physical condition on a wider scale. In addition sport is beneficial to individual development, health promotion and disease prevention, promotion of gender equality, social integration and the development of social capital, peace building and conflict prevention, trauma relief and normalization of life, economic development, communication and social mobilization. Sport has the charm to attract large audiences, particularly young people, and send appealing messages through media.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility includes several initiatives aimed at our environment and the environment of our colleagues.

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