Nucleic Acid Isolation

Nucleic acid extraction is the process in which DNA and/or RNA is separated from proteins, membranes and other cellular material. When nucleic acids need to be extra pure or selected on size for a specific application, a nucleic acid purification step can be performed. Nucleic acids are the key component for many of today’s molecular testing methods, therefore the quality of the extraction and purification step in your process is very important. For optimal results, it is crucial to assure that the yield and purity meet your requirements.

There are four basic steps in a nucleic acid extraction procedure: lyse, bind, wash and elute. For purification these are bind, wash and elute, since the nucleic acids are already extracted from the matrix. Multiple options for extraction and purification are available, such as spin columns and magnetic beads.

Magnetic bead-based kits and reagents are the preferred method when it comes to automation of the procedure due to the absence of centrifugation steps and the ease of use with a liquid handler. We offer CleanNA’s extraction and purification kits and Meridian’s extraction kits.