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Say Goodbye to Manual Tissue Dissociation
Singulator 100 - S2 Genomics
July 2021
Reduce wast with TipNovus and TipLumis
TipNovus and TipLumis - Grenova
August 2021
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The Lynx LM 1800 transfers up to 24 COVID samples in one step
Lynx 1800 - Dynamic Devices
April 2021
Count Cells Without Slides
CellDrop - DeNovix
February 2019
DS 11 Series | Spectrophotometer | Fluorometer
DS 11 - DeNovix
Aprl 2021
Hive Automation Platform
Hive - BioNex Solutions
January 2019
The strength of GC biotech and CleanNA
GC biotech and CleanNA
January 2020
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Elisabeth Funke
Leibniz IGB - CleanNA
November 2019
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Arash Mahmoodi
Universiteit van Amsterdam - Bioline
August 2019
Ionic® Purification System – Simple Charge-based DNA and RNA Extraction
Purigen Biosystems
November 2019

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