Researcher from the Netherlands wins Green CellDrop

Michiel from Wageningen University & Research wins Green CellDrop Giveaway

Selected at random from thousands of entries from scientists worldwide, Michiel Schrijen from Wageningen University & Research was picked as the winner of the Green CellDrop Giveaway from Denovix! We handed over the slide-free cell counter in the laboratory of the Biosystematics group of the plant sciences department and placed it next to the red DS-11 microvolume spectrophotometer that the group already uses daily for their research on biodiversity.  

DeNovix organized this giveaway because the CellDrop automated cell counter was voted Sustainable Laboratory Product of the Year. The CellDrop offers an innovative solution for reducing single-use plastics in laboratories. Scientists from all around the world have already saved over 10 million plastic slides. 

Michiel told us that one of the research topics of the Biosystematics group is mapping out the evolution of plants and crops, especially focused on the ancestral genes that made them resistant to insects. Their partner Naturalis has a huge biobank with plant samples from ages ago. Due to breeding, these plants and crops may nowadays have lost valuable properties that they possessed in earlier times. The researchers use yeast cells to put the lost genes into action and see their function. Yeast cells can be colored with Denovix’s special dyes and counted with the CellDrop, so that will be one of the applications of the cell counter.  

The group also carries out research on how to grow tropical crops in other countries, such as the Netherlands, to ensure food supply for everyone while the climate is changing. Wageningen University is always focused on sustainable development, and the slide-free cell counter will contribute to this by reducing the waste from their lab. We are sure that the Green CellDrop is a great fit in the valuable research that Michiel and the rest of the Biosystematics group are doing! 


smiling scientist holding green celldrop with shelving in background
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