NGS & Sanger Sequencing

For 40 years, Sanger Sequencing was the most widely used sequencing method. Sanger Sequencing was developed by Frederick Sanger and his colleagues in 1977 and seen as the golden standard. The technique is based on detecting labeled chain-terminating nucleotides incorporated by a DNA polymerase during a template’s replication.

Nowadays, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is the preferred method in most labs. The amount of data generated with NGS is massive and has drastically increased the sequencing throughput and reduced the cost of sequencing. Most processes consist of library preparation, amplification and sequencing, and data analysis.

Sanger Sequencing will also remain useful in many labs in the future. It is still the most robust and accurate technique to sequence your DNA. To achieve high quality results in sequencing, cleanup and library preparation (for NGS) are essential steps. We offer CleanNA’s cleanup and size selection reagents and Meridian’s library preparation kits for this purpose.