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GC biotech distributes a wide range of life science products. The emphasis lies on instruments, software, kits and reagents, developed with the aim to simplify, accelerate and improve life sciences research. GC biotech combines the representation of some of the most advanced US and EU suppliers with in-house scientific and technical know-how. As a specialist in automation for genomics, we represent the products of following suppliers.

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Leader in Capillary Electrophoresis

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Magnetic bead based DNA & RNA isolation

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Curio Bioscience

Powering high-resolution spatial biology

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Award-Winning Products for Life Science

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Dynamic Devices

Automated Liquid handling Solutions

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Genie Life Sciences

Genie is bringing the next generation of lab automation

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Rethinking Laboratory Waste

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Meridian Bioscience

Innovative molecular reagents

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S2 Genomics

Say goodbye to manual tissue dissociation


We have been using the Denovix DS-11 for some time now, and we are positively surprised by the versatility of the microvolume spectrophotometer! It measures both absorption and fluorescence. We often use absorption at 260/280 and 230/260 ratios to measure the purity of DNA after isolation. Before Illumina sequencing, it is useful to check the sample with the fluorescence function to measure the exact DNA concentration of the sample. You can also add peripheral equipment, which works well. We are very pleased with the DS-11.

Michiel Schrijen

Biosystematics group at Wageningen University & Reseach
The Netherlands – July 2023

We have been using cleanNGS for several years now at ILVO for clean-up of Illumina targeted sequencing libraries and clean-up of Nanopore WGS libraries. It replaces the AMPureXP beads 1:1 for several workflows and we are very happy with the consistetly high quality, good value for money and simple protocol.

Steve Baeyen

ILVO, Laboratory Manager / Supervisor
Belgium – October 2021

Easy to use, time efficient, lower cost for more samples. purification of DNA with CleanNGS is time efficient compared to the use of purification columns. The protocol is straightforwardand easy to follow. You can purify more samples at once, so it is handy for high throughput. The total cost gets lower the more samples you process.

Isabel Vanoverberghe

KU Leuven Campus Kulak Kortrijk
The Netherlands – July 2021