Biofragment Analysis

Capillary electrophoresis (CE) is based on the same principle as gel-electrophoresis, the main difference being that CE is the instrumental approach. The technique is used for the analysis of DNA, proteins and carbohydrates.

We offer the instruments of BiOptic for CE. Samples can be inserted into a source vial, whereafter an electric field is applied between this vial and a destination vial. Source vial, destination vial, and the capillary in between are all filled with an electrolyte, such as an aqueous buffer solution.

The analytes separate as they migrate through the capillary, based on their electrophoretic mobility. A detector near the end of the capillary detects the analyte that passes through. Data from the detector is sent to a data output handling device, such as a computer, and displayed as an electropherogram with different peaks.