Molecular Diagnostics

Molecular diagnostics involves taking clinical samples with DNA or RNA and analyzing the genomes, genes or products they encode. Not only for human DNA and RNA, but also for microbial or viral genetic codes. The sequences are packed with information about health and disease of a patient.

Over the years, the molecular diagnostics field increased significantly. Many conventional tests, for example in oncology, clinical chemistry, clinical genetics and infectious diseases, have been replaced with more accurate molecular diagnostic tests.

Our product portfolio for molecular diagnostics includes reagents for DNA and RNA extraction and purification, which is the start of most molecular diagnostics workflows. This includes products with CE-IVD marking. We also offer reagents for qPCR and Next-Generation Sequencing, two of the most important techniques in the field.

Automation of the workflow is possible with the range of instruments we offer, from liquid handler to magnetic bead handler.