Curio Bioscience’s spatial mapping kits launched in the Benelux

GC biotech starts distributing Curio Seeker for whole transcriptome, spatial mapping

Waddinxveen (NL)/Pal Alto, CA (USA), January 24th, 2024

GC biotech, a Dutch distributor of laboratory products, started distribution of Curio Bioscience’s products in the Benelux. This California-based company developed one main product portfolio: Curio Seeker. The spatial mapping kits enable whole transcriptome, spatial mapping of fresh frozen tissue at industry-leading resolution and plugs directly into existing sequencing workflows.

From a tile with beads to a whole transcriptome map

On a tile with a monolayer of tightly packed, spatially indexed, 10 μm beads, the RNA is captured to preserve the spatial information of the tissue transcriptome. Once captured, the RNA undergoes reverse transcription, library preparation, and sequencing. The sequencing data is then reconstructed bioinformatically into a continuous, whole transcriptome map of your region of interest.

“Our partnership with Curio Bioscience opens up many opportunities. Curio Seeker, enabling single-cell transcriptomics analyses, aligns perfectly with GC biotech’s goal to offer customer solutions driven by the latest innovations in life sciences,” said Glenn Nohar, CEO of GC biotech.

“Last year’s official launch of Curio Seeker technology for high-resolution spatial transcriptomics garnered a lot of interest in the spatial omics research community,” said Neil Kennedy, CCO of Curio Bioscience. “Building on this momentum, we have been expanding internationally with particular attention focused on the EMEA market. GC biotech delivers relevant solutions for life science research and diagnostics and is the ideal partner for Curio Bioscience.”

About Curio Bioscience

Curio Bioscience is advancing a new generation of high-precision tools for the life sciences industry. Our first product portfolio is the only continuous high-resolution, spatial whole transcriptome solution that enables unbiased gene expression mapping from fresh frozen tissue using existing DNA sequencing infrastructure.

Our spatial mapping technology powers novel insights across oncology, developmental biology, neuroscience, and more. We are led by veterans in the life science industry with a proven track record of bringing disruptive discovery technologies to market. For more information, visit or contact

About GC biotech

GC biotech sources the latest developments in automation for life science research from around the world. We aim to help you take research to a higher level. As a specialist in life science automation, GC biotech is committed to providing the best application and technical support to its customers. In addition, and unlike many other suppliers, our product advice is completely independent and tailored to your requirements.

You will meet our service engineers, application specialists and sales reps in the Benelux, Germany, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. For more information, visit or contact

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