Liquid biopsy

Liquid biopsy samples such as blood, stool and urine provide access to valuable information about health and disease. For example, blood plasma contains cell-free DNA (cfDNA), which can provide information about diseases, such as cancer. Possibilities are early detection of cancer cells (before a tumor develops), and RNA for detecting non-shedding cancers. cfDNA also provides information about fetal health in pregnant women. Liquid biopsy is getting more popular over the years, because it is a low-invasive alternative to tissue biopsy.

GC biotech offers products from CleanNA and Meridian Bioscience for liquid biopsy workflows. CleanNA’s magnetic bead-based extraction kits help in the first step of the process, extracting cfDNA from samples. The company also has a CE-IVD marked kit in their portfolio. Meridian offers special qPCR kits for liquid biopsy.