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The DS-11 is the most user friendly instrument I have ever used. Highly recommend it to others!
Judy Geissler
Sanquin, Phagocyte Laboratory
The Netherlands – September 2020
The DS-11 is as fast as it is accurate. It’s easy to use, stable and robust.
Ellen Wientjens
NKI, Molecular Pathology
The Netherlands – September 2020
The DS-11 is easy to use and easy to handle. The quality, sensitivity and reproducibility of repeated measurements are very high.
Salma Balazadeh
University of Leiden, Institute of Biology
The Netherlands – August 2020
The DS-11 is easy to use and low maintenance equipment. Results are fast, accurate and reproducible.
Rowena Schaap
LUMC, Clinical Pharmacy and Toxicology
The Netherlands – August 2020
I am very happy with the help offered by GC biotech and their response time. We first started using SensiMix in 2009. We have performed an extensive comparison study regarding our cDNA synthesis methods and the Bioline SensiFast cDNA synthesis kit came out on top. Not only because of the final results, but also due to the short protocol and the price/quality balance. Another product we have started using is the Denovix DS-11 Spectrometer.
Marcel Sluijter
ErasmusMC, Laboratory of Pediatrics
The Netherlands – December 2018
I have met GC biotech at Biotechnica. It is inspiring to see the environmental changes GC biotech was adding. It was interesting to learn about the initiatives that went into the development of new beads for different purposes, expanding our options to apply them. Now I have a good personal contact with the people of GC biotech. I had a relaxed and comfortable conversation with the Sales Specialist, as she was not aggressively trying to advertise but rather have a science-oriented conversation. As she was mentioning products, I felt that I could choose to show interest myself without any obligation. I feel comfortable to stay in contact with her.
Dr Mathias Rhein
MHH (Medizinische Hochschule Hannover), Lab for Molecular Neuroscience
Germany – November 2018

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