Our customers feedback

We have been using the Denovix DS-11 for some time now, and we are positively surprised by the versatility of the microvolume spectrophotometer! It measures both absorption and fluorescence. We often use absorption at 260/280 and 230/260 ratios to measure the purity of DNA after isolation. Before Illumina sequencing, it is useful to check the sample with the fluorescence function to measure the exact DNA concentration of the sample. You can also add peripheral equipment, which works well. We are very pleased with the DS-11.

Michiel Schrijen

Biosystematics group at Wageningen University & Reseach
The Netherlands – July 2023

We have been using cleanNGS for several years now at ILVO for clean-up of Illumina targeted sequencing libraries and clean-up of Nanopore WGS libraries. It replaces the AMPureXP beads 1:1 for several workflows and we are very happy with the consistetly high quality, good value for money and simple protocol.

Steve Baeyen

ILVO, Laboratory Manager / Supervisor
Belgium – October 2021

Easy to use, time efficient, lower cost for more samples. purification of DNA with CleanNGS is time efficient compared to the use of purification columns. The protocol is straightforwardand easy to follow. You can purify more samples at once, so it is handy for high throughput. The total cost gets lower the more samples you process.

Isabel Vanoverberghe

KU Leuven Campus Kulak Kortrijk
The Netherlands – July 2021

The DS-11 is the most user friendly instrument I have ever used. Highly recommend it to others!

Judy Geissler

Sanquin, Phagocyte Laboratory
The Netherlands – September 2020

The DS-11 is as fast as it is accurate. It’s easy to use, stable and robust.

Ellen Wientjens

NKI, Molecular Pathology
The Netherlands – September 2020

The DS-11 is easy to use and easy to handle. The quality, sensitivity and reproducibility of repeated measurements are very high.

Salma Balazadeh

University of Leiden, Institute of Biology
The Netherlands – August 2020

The DS-11 is easy to use and low maintenance equipment. Results are fast, accurate and reproducible.

Rowena Schaap

LUMC, Clinical Pharmacy and Toxicology
The Netherlands – August 2020

I am very happy with the help offered by GC biotech and their response time. We first started using SensiMix in 2009. We have performed an extensive comparison study regarding our cDNA synthesis methods and the Bioline SensiFast cDNA synthesis kit came out on top. Not only because of the final results, but also due to the short protocol and the price/quality balance. Another product we have started using is the Denovix DS-11 Spectrometer.

Marcel Sluijter

ErasmusMC, Laboratory of Pediatrics
The Netherlands – December 2018

I have met GC biotech at Biotechnica. It is inspiring to see the environmental changes GC biotech was adding. It was interesting to learn about the initiatives that went into the development of new beads for different purposes, expanding our options to apply them. Now I have a good personal contact with the people of GC biotech. I had a relaxed and comfortable conversation with the Sales Specialist, as she was not aggressively trying to advertise but rather have a science-oriented conversation. As she was mentioning products, I felt that I could choose to show interest myself without any obligation. I feel comfortable to stay in contact with her.

Dr Mathias Rhein

MHH (Medizinische Hochschule Hannover), Lab for Molecular Neuroscience
Germany – November 2018

We are very happy with the products and the service of GC biotech. The products we use originate from Bioline. The experiments we perform with these products never fail and generate good results!

Jan-Paul Lambooij

The Netherlands – June 2018

GC biotech is a pleasant company to work with. Whenever a problem occurs, the provided solution will always solve the problem. We use products of Bioline and they are very user friendly, protocols are easy to follow.

Lennart Janssen

The Netherlands – June 2018

We use CleanPCR from CleanNA and MyTaq and SensiMix from Bioline. The products are simple to use, the protocols are easy to follow. Price and quality are also very good. The overall cooperation with GC biotech is very pleasant.

Rob Klompmaker

The Netherlands – June 2018

If a problem occurs, the communication with GC biotech is good, they always try to find a proper solution. Products come with easy to follow protocols. A point for improvement would be the delivery time of products, sometimes delivery times are a bit longer than expected.

Marcel de Haas

The Netherlands – June 2018

After an extensive survey of microvolume spectrophotometers available in the UK, my task as purchaser was made very easy because 100% of internal testers and responders votes for the DeNovix DS-11. I purchased 2 units for the campus (catering to about 80 scientists), and have heard excellent feedback from all users. It is interesting to note that before the equipment survey was undertaken, few users wanted any other unit than a Nanodrop One, but the ease of use, systematic calibration before each use, the availability of all programs on the screen and most importantly, the reproducibility of measurements with the DeNovix won them over.

Frederique Guesdon

The Royal Veterinary College
United Kingdom – February 2018

We tested the cleanNGS beads for nucleic acid purification and size selection and we obtained similar results than with competitor A beads. The cleanNGS beads allowed efficient size selection to remove primers and reagents from PCRs. We have also used them to clean up RNA in the different steps of NGS library preparations and obtained similar results than with other products and without detectable RNA degradation. In addition, we applied the cleanNGS beads for double size selection to remove at the same time genomic DNA and primers from PCR reactions, and we obtained excellent results.

Alejandro Pineiro

The Netherlands – September 2017

The BNX1536 is a robust small footprint device, easy to use and very fast dispensing. Dispensing cells using BNX air pressure pump (while stirring) instead of peristaltic pump, was critical for our experiment setup and showed a very constant cell disruption over the whole 384-well plates. Controlling the dispensing air pressure enable the using of different solution at different viscosities, including cell suspension, PFA or methanol. The four reservoir bottles enable working with several different solutions at the same time i.e. PFA (fixation) and DAPI solution (nuclei staining). It also reduces the cell suspension contamination to minimum. I would suggest adding magnetic stirrer to all four bottles positions, and offer bigger reservoir bottles. GC biotech is a well know company with a wide range of solutions for liquid handling and has a fast and complete response time!

Wissam Mansour

Anima Biotech
Israel – November 2017