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We have been using cleanNGS for several years now at ILVO for clean-up of Illumina targeted sequencing libraries and clean-up of Nanopore WGS libraries. It replaces the AMPureXP beads 1:1 for several workflows and we are very happy with the consistetly high quality, good value for money and simple protocol.
Steve Baeyen
ILVO, Laboratory Manager / Supervisor
Belgium - October 2021
Easy to use, time efficient, lower cost for more samples. purification of DNA with CleanNGS is time efficient compared to the use of purification columns. The protocol is straightforwardand easy to follow. You can purify more samples at once, so it is handy for high throughput. The total cost gets lower the more samples you process.
Isabel Vanoverberghe
KU Leuven Campus Kulak Kortrijk
The Netherlands - July 2021
The DS-11 is the most user friendly instrument I have ever used. Highly recommend it to others!
Judy Geissler
Sanquin, Phagocyte Laboratory
The Netherlands – September 2020
The DS-11 is as fast as it is accurate. It’s easy to use, stable and robust.
Ellen Wientjens
NKI, Molecular Pathology
The Netherlands – September 2020
The DS-11 is easy to use and easy to handle. The quality, sensitivity and reproducibility of repeated measurements are very high.
Salma Balazadeh
University of Leiden, Institute of Biology
The Netherlands – August 2020
The DS-11 is easy to use and low maintenance equipment. Results are fast, accurate and reproducible.
Rowena Schaap
LUMC, Clinical Pharmacy and Toxicology
The Netherlands – August 2020

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