Nucleic Acid Isolation

Nucleic Acid Isolation

In molecular biology, scientists work with a wide variety of sample materials. The ISOLATE II Kits for nucleic acid isolation are ideal to start the analysis of your precious samples. Bioline specially designed these kits for fast and efficient isolation of RNA and DNA from a wide range of biological materials, including animal tissue, cultured cells, buccal swabs, blood, bacterial cells, plant tissue as well as PCR products and agarose gels.

To obtain high purity DNA or RNA, the ISOLATE II kits from Bioline use a silica-based technology which selectively binds nucleic acids allowing the separation of contaminants. The isolated nucleic acids are ready-to-use in downstream applications such as end-point PCR, real-time PCR, cloning, reverse transcription, cDNA synthesis next generation sequencing and genotyping. Additionally Bioline provides TRIsure and SureClean Plus, column-free products for RNA and DNA isolation.

The ISOLATE II kits from Bioline are designed to make it easier to obtain high quality DNA or RNA. The kits are complementary addition to the range of downstream PCR reagents from Bioline such as DNA polymerases, polymerase mixes, real-time PCR kits, reverse transcriptase and cloning products.


  • Rapid and easy-to-use complete kits
  • High-yield and high purity nucleic acid
  • Highly reproducible results
  • Over 40 sample types covered in the range
  • Splash-proof, bench-top protocols
  • DNase and/or RNase included
  • Filters (shredders) provided

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