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Bio-Fragment Analyzer


  • Qsep400 has the highest throughput in the Qsep Series
  • speeding up the analysis time by 4x (2~7 mins/4 samples)
  • Intergraded PC and touch screen
  • High detection sensitivity in DNA and RNA


Qsep400 has been designed for larger research and clinical laboratories, who have large sample volumes. The high-throughput system provides high-speed analysis, superior results for all kinds of molecular genetic analysis applications. Qsep400 with variety of replaceable gel-cartridge kit is specifically designed for DNA, RNA and Protein analysis providing reproducible and accurate test results in matter of seconds. Qsep400 comes with Q-Analyzer software which has a simple-to-use User Interface (UI) that delivers consistent and high-precision data analysis and data export functions helping users in their daily molecular biology experiments.


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