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Singulator 200

NEW FOR 2023

The Singulator™ 200 Automated Tissue Dissociation System

Proven Technology with Two-Sample Capacity

Independent Bays

Independently addressable sample bays.  Isolate cells or nuclei from either bay at any time.

Rapid results

Nuclei in ~7 minutes. 8 samples complete in ~30 minutes.

Easy to use

Get great results on day one. Robust protocols are preloaded and easily optimized for new tissue types.

Proven Technology

The Singulator 200 uses the same proven dissociation technology as the Singulator 100.  Designed for ease of use, resulting in fast implementation and protocol optimization.

The system comes with preloaded, adjustable protocols, allowing you to achieve great results from day one on everything from human to honeybee, plants to planaria, and more.

Isolate nuclei from fresh, flash-frozen, OCT and FFPE tissues.

Flexible Automation

The Singulator continues to be the most powerful and flexible platform in the industry and is the only fully automated platform that can isolate either cells or nuclei. Like the Singulator 100, the Singulator 200 is open and customizable. Its preloaded protocols can be easily modified for optimum results across a wide variety of tissue types. The system can accept S2 Genomics’ reagents or your own, giving you complete control over your samples and methods. The disposable sample cartridges for the Singulator 200 are backward compatible with the Singulator 100, allowing you to expand your sample capacity with no process re-optimization or additional supplies to stock.

Your samples, your expertise, your choices!

Higher Throughput

With the Singulator 200’s independent sample bays, you can run nuclei and cell protocols simultaneously, or two nuclei or two cell protocols in parallel, providing flexibility and efficiency for laboratory operations.

The Singulator system includes instrumentation, protocols, reagents, and sample cartridges for a complete tissue dissociation solution that seamlessly integrates into your workflow.

Additional Features

Parallel Users

Two users can operate separate bays simultaneously, increasing workflow flexibility for your lab.

Touch Screen Interface

All Singulator devices have an intuitive and easy-to-use touch-screen interface.

Space Saving Design

With an integrated reagent chiller, the Singulator 200 is only slightly larger than the Singulator 100.

All Runs Logged and Recorded

As with the Singulator 100, all sample runs on the Singulator 200 are logged with associated video allowing you to ensure process control and use tracking.

See the Singulator In Action

Watch this video to learn how to prepare single-nuclei suspension from mouse kidney tissue on the Singulator platform.

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