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Meet the Genie LabMate 

Convenient. Connected. Reliable.

Transform your lab with the Genie LabMate, an automated liquid handler that performs complex pipetting tasks with accuracy and precision. LabMate works with Genie LabOS, a lab automation software that allows you to easily author and automate protocols according to your needs. Built with the modern lab in mind, LabMate is designed to increase productivity, decrease downtime, streamline workflows, provide reliable results, and grow with your lab.

  • 8-channel pipetting heads that can be swapped by anyone, anytime
  • Built-in auto-calibration so you can quickly set up instruments
  • Teach free with the ability to push authored protocols to multiple instruments from Genie LabOS
  • Air-driven pipetting from 1-1000 μL, with a <5% CV on all liquid types across all LabMate systems
  • Supports up to 20 SBS slots, including six on-deck accessories
  • High-resolution camera for auto-calibration and deck verification
  • Zero-force tip pickup to support a variety of tip types
  • Pressure sensors for liquid level detection, liquid class sensing, and volume verification
  • Suitable for genomics, proteomics, cell culture, and drug discovery applications


Automate Your Lab with Genie LabOS

A Cloud-Based Automation Solution

Turn your lab automation dreams into a reality with Genie LabOS,  a lab orchestration software built for every experience level in the lab automation space, from novice to expert. Boasting a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, users can author their protocol, choose instrumentation, and run the protocol against the selected instrumentation—no programming experience required. For labs requiring more granular control of their instrumentation, Genie LabOS provides an expert mode for users to execute API command sets.

Genie LabOS empowers you to manage your lab automation through a single pane of glass, so you can focus on what really matters: your science! Instead of learning how to use different software for each of your lab instruments, you only need to learn one.

How It’s Done

  1. Onboard Instrumentation  – Onboard instruments from your physical lab into your virtual lab space
  2. Author Your Protocol – Layout your scientific procedure or digitally document your SOP, specifying the instrument-agnostic steps, parameters, labware, and liquids
  3. Sync Your Protocol with Instrumentation – Using the Genie LabSync Technology, select instrumentation from your virtual lab space, modify the deck layout, and specify instrument-specific settings
  4. Run Your Protocol – Execute the protocol with your physical lab instrument

What’s Included

  • Genie LabSync Technology empowering you to run protocols against any instrument, anytime, anywhere
  • Virtual lab space to onboard and house all instrumentation, allowing you to easily add or remove instruments anytime, and execute your protocols against all third-party instruments
  • Lab library providing an overview of all available labware, tips, liquid classes, and liquids
  • Cloud-based platform to support team collaboration, weekly updates, and auto-saved run reports
  • Instrument orchestration providing automated configuration, management, and coordination of onboarded instrumentation
  • Intelligent instrument behavior generation filling in the details for your deck layout, tips, and liquid class settings, such as aspiration and dispense rates
  • Protocol simulation that captures approximately 90% of a scientist’s intent without a wet run
  • The ability to complete a virtual run, specify runtime parameters, confirm the deck layout, perform operator interactions before executing your protocol
  • Expert mode allowing users to execute API command sets, either on-premise for direct instrument control, or as published plug-ins in the cloud for full integration within Genie protocols

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