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Enable whole transcriptome spatial mapping

Curio Seeker Spatial Mapping Kits enable whole transcriptome, spatial mapping of fresh frozen tissue at industry-leading resolution and plugs directly into existing sequencing workflows.

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Single-cell resolution

A tightly-packed monolayer of beads delivers a continuous view of your region of interest at 10 μm resolution.

Whole transcriptome

Whole transcriptome analysis that is not limited by predetermined targets or throughput, enabling true unbiased discovery.

Simple workflow

Leverages standard molecular biology techniques and instrumentation; no new specialized instrumentation or microscopy expertise needed.


Whole transcriptome analysis that is not limited by predetermined targets or throughput, enabling true unbiased discovery.

Sized to meet your needs

Conveniently offered in 3×3 or 10×10 tile sizes without sacrificing resolution.

Fast time to results

Multiple tissue samples can be prepared for sequencing in just one day.


The Curio Seeker tile preserves spatial information of the tissue transcriptome by capturing RNA on a monolayer of tightly-packed, spatially-indexed, 10 μm beads.

Once captured, the RNA undergoes reverse transcription, library preparation, and sequencing. The sequencing data is then reconstructed bioinformatically into a continuous, whole transcriptome map of your region of interest.

Curio Seeker workflow

Once your tissue section is placed on the Curio Seeker tile, mRNA is captured and hybridized on the spatially-indexed beads before reverse transcription. The indexed beads are then dissociated from the tile and the tissue digested, followed by second strand synthesis and cDNA amplification. After purification and quantification, the cDNA undergoes NGS library preparation and is sequenced on an Illumina sequencer. Lastly, the resulting FASTQ files are processed by the Curio Seeker bioinformatics pipeline to create a detailed spatial transcriptomic map of your tissue section.

High-resolution expression maps

Standard html output from the Curio Seeker bioinformatics pipeline includes results from unbiased clustering and dimension reduction as well as a spatial map of identified clusters within a mouse hippocampus (left, 3×3 tile) and whole mouse brain (right, 10×10 tile). These plots enable the end user to easily determine if the data is biologically meaningful and decide how to best move forward with their analysis.

3×3 output

10×10 output


The Curio Seeker bioinformatics pipeline maps the spatial gene expression within a murine hippocampus section (3 mm x 3 mm tile, top row) orwhole murine brain (10 mm x 10 mm tile, bottom row). The expression patterns of the top five spatially-variable genes are shown here. These images highlight the sharp spatial boundaries of gene expression that can be achieved on the Curio Seeker spatial mapping kit.



  • Oncology
  • Developmental biology
  • Neuroscience


Sized to meet your tissue samples and research needs

The Curio Seeker spatial mapping kit includes 8 (3 mm x 3 mm) or 4 (10 mm x 10 mm) tiles and reagents to prepare cDNA from your captured RNA. For indexing and multiplex sequencing, the Curio Seeker dual indexing primer kit is required and supports 40 (3 mm x 3 mm) or 5 (10 mm x 10 mm) Curio Seeker tiles. Together, these kits generate sequencing libraries in approximately 8.5 hours.

Features Curio Seeker 3×3 kit Curio Seeker 10×10 kit
Plex Whole transcriptome
Resolution 10 μm
Special capital equipment None required
Sample type Fresh frozen
Analysis software Included Curio Seeker bioinformatics pipeline
Tile size 3 mm x 3 mm 10 mm x 10 mm
Duration/hands-on time 8 hrs with 2.5 hrs hands-on time 8.5 hrs with 3 hrs hands-on time
Recommended sequencing depth ~ 400 M ~ 2 B


Ordering information

Curio Seeker 3×3 kit Part number
3×3 Seeker Kit Bundle V1.1 (8 tiles) SK004
Curio Seeker Dual Indexing Primer Kit V2 K006


Curio Seeker 10×10 kit Part number
10×10 Seeker Kit Bundle (4 tiles) SK003
Curio Seeker Dual Indexing Primer Kit V2 K006
Thermal Cycler Adapter TJ002




Curio Seeker Spatial Mapping Kit


Product Note

Curio Seeker Spatial Mapping Kit

Curio Seeker 3×3 v1.1 tile


Research Article

A spatiotemporal molecular atlas of the ovulating mouse ovary (by PNAS)



Introducing Curio Seeker

Single-cell RNA seq data analysis pipeline technology overview

Implementation of Curio Seeker in a core facility setting


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