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Bio-Fragment Analyzer


  • The affordable system makes detection anytime anywhere: the weight is 5.5 kg and with a volume of 24x 21x 30 cm to break out the detection limit.
  • One cartridge – One method: The special design of Q-Analyzer for Qsep1-Lite could let the user do post-analysis without confusion.
  • Quantitative and Qualitative all in One test: No need to check the quality and concentration in two steps, but only one step to finish the analysis by Qsep1-Lite.


Qsep1-Lite is an entry-level CGE system for students and all users. Qsep1-Lite with Q-Analyzer for Qsep1-Lite software simplifies the operation. After inserting a cartridge into an instrument, the system will automatically provide the analysis method to eliminate setting steps. There are several cartridge kits specially designed for Qsep1-Lite that can be used to analyze samples such as PCR products, large size DNA, and total RNA.

With the easy-to-use features, Qsep1-Lite can be operated by any user without professional training. It’s also a great analysis platform that can be popularized in colleges and small clinics. BiOptic has cooperated with colleges and brought Qsep1-Lite into courses to let students get familiar with the CGE system.


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