Liquid Biopsy Urine DNA qPCR Mix

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Liquid Biopsy Urine DNA qPCR Mix

Urine is an ideal clinical specimen because it is excreted in large quantities, is non-invasive, and it can be self-sampled.

Urine specimens can be used in the early detection of minimal residual disease (MRD) of bladder cancer1 , kidney cancer2, cervical cancer3 and prostate cancer4. However, urine contains substances such as urea and nucleases that can damage DNA or inhibit the PCR reaction. Meridian’s Liquid Biopsy Urine qPCR Mix is unique in that it enables highly sensitive, very fast detection of target DNA directly from high concentrations of urine. Furthermore, this mix can be used in a wet format or lyophilized to create ambient-temperature stable.

Product Highlights

  • Ultra-sensitive detection down to less than 1 copy using direct amplification protocols.
  • Inhibitor-tolerant to PCR inhibitors found in whole blood, serum, plasma.
  • Tight fluorescence cluster with clear allele discrimination, perfect for difficult SNPs.
  • Can be used in liquid or lyophilized, ideal for high-throughput or POC testing.


SKU:  Size: Reactions:
ODX004-1 1 mL 200
ODX004-5 5 ml 1,000
ODX004-50 50 ml 10,000


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