Liquid Biopsy Stool DNA qPCR Mix

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Liquid Biopsy Stool DNA qPCR Mix

PCR inhibitors found in stool specimens, such as bile salts, polysaccharides, hematin and catabolic substances, have posed a big challenge to developing assays.

In addition, due to the high complexity and heterogeneity of fecal matter, sample preparation has traditionally been cumbersome, requiring the removal of possible interfering substances such as food debris, desquamated epithelial cells and mucus from the specimen. Meridian’s Liquid Biopsy Stool DNA qPCR Mix is designed for direct qPCR analysis, requiring minimal stool sample processing. The mix contains an optimized blend of additives to negate inhibitors while maintaining the quality and integrity of the patient sample. This mix can be used in a wet format or lyophilized to create ambient-temperature stable.

Product Highlights

  • Ultra-sensitive detection down to less than 1 copy using direct amplification protocols.
  • Inhibitor-tolerant to PCR inhibitors found in whole blood, serum, plasma.
  • Tight fluorescence cluster with clear allele discrimination, perfect for difficult SNPs.
  • Can be used in liquid or lyophilized, ideal for high-throughput or POC testing.


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