HyperLadder 50bp

HyperLadder 50bp

Ready-to-use molecular weight marker, designed for easy size determination of nucleic acids from 50 bp to 2000 bp.

Product Highlights

  • Broad size range – 15 evenly distributed bands from 50 bp to 2000 bp
  • Easy to orientate – several brighter reference bands
  • Stable – can be stored at room temperature for up to 6 months
  • Supplied with loading dye – for loading sample DNA

Product description

HyperLadder™ 50bp is a molecular weight marker, especially designed for easy size determination of linear double-stranded DNA fragments on 2% to 3% TAE or TBE agarose gels.

The 10 regularly spaced bands, ranging from 50 bp to 2000 bp, with higher intensity reference bands at 300 bp, 1000 bp and 2000 bp allow for easy identification and orientation of your band at a glance.

This ready-to-use format reduces handling steps and saves time; simply transfer HyperLadder 50bp from the vial to the gel. The concentration of DNA in each of the HyperLadder 50bp bands is provided for optionally determining the approximate mass of DNA in comparably intense sample bands of similar size. The HyperLadder 50bp is also supplied with a 5x loading dye for loading of sample DNA.

HyperLadder 50bp is perfect for size determination in techniques such as confirmation of PCR products as well as other downstream techniques.


  • Determination of PCR amplicon size
  • Confirmation of plasmid construction
  • Detection of DNA polymorphisms
  • Restriction fragment mapping


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