MangoMix™ is a convenient, ready-to-go, 2x Reaction Mix containing MangoTaq™ DNA Polymerase, MgCl2 and ultra-pure dNTPs manufactured by Meridian. The Mix is optimized and ready-to-use and requires only the addition of water, template and primers.

Product Highlights

  • Direct gel loading – no need for further post-PCR processing steps
  • Easy visual recognition– reduces pipetting errors
  • High performance – pre-optimized 2x solutions
  • Ready to use format – reduces risk of contamination and decreases the reaction set-up time
  • Reproducible results – consistent QC ensures reliability

Product description

MangoMix™ is optimized and ready-to-use, so the user need only add water, template and primers. MangoMix reduces the time required to set up reactions, thereby minimizing contamination risks and providing greater reproducibility through a reduction in the number of pipetting steps. MangoMix can be loaded directly onto an agarose gel for analysis, without the need for a separate gel-loading buffer.

The presence of dyes has no effect on routine enzymatic manipulations, although rare exceptions may exist. MangoMix has been optimized for a wide variety of templates. An additional 50 mM of MgCl2 solution is included should any fine adjustments be required.


  • High throughput applications
  • Suited to a wide range of PCR assays
  • Products suitable for TA cloning
  • Direct loading


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