A robust, efficient proofreading enzyme that gives increased fidelity in high-yield PCR, for use in all routine cloning applications.

Product Highlights

  • Efficient – highly productive target amplification and removal of 3’ A overhangs
  • Accurate – possesses 3’ – 5’ proofreading exonuclease activity that delivers an error rate of 3.0 x 10-6 for increased PCR fidelity versus Taq DNA polymerase
  • Sensitive – high-yield amplification from limiting amounts of human, animal and plant template DNA
  • Robust – developed for reliable amplification of even the most challenging targets, including genomic DNA and GC-rich targets
  • Flexible – ideal for amplifying any target up to 5 kb from DNA extracted from mammalian tissue samples
  • Convenient – advanced buffering system minimizes the requirements for PCR optimization, thereby reducing time-to-results and eliminating the cost of unnecessary repeats
  • Simple – mix reduces pipetting burden for increased consistency in assay set-up and reduced contamination risk

Product description

ACCUZYME™ is a proprietary proofreading enzyme that offers increased-fidelity and high PCR yield, even in demanding applications. ACCUZYME has an error-rate of 3.0 x 10-6 and results in blunt-ended amplicons up to 5 kb in length, making it ideal for use in cloning and site-directed mutagenesis.

ACCUZYME is supplied with a buffering system that provides ideal conditions for most PCR assays. Consequently, the cost and effort typically associated with optimizing assay performance is often eliminated. In circumstances where further optimization is required to improve PCR specificity and/or yield, ACCUZYME includes an additional vial of MgCl2.

ACCUZYME Mix dramatically reduces the time needed to set up reactions, thereby minimizing the risk of contamination. Greater efficiency and reproducibility are achieved by reducing the number of pipetting steps that often lead to variation in reaction set-up.


  • High-fidelity PCR
  • Routine cloning applications requiring increased PCR yield
  • Blunt-end cloning
  • Site-directed mutagenesis


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