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Launch of the Singulator

S2 Genomics Launches the Singulator™ 100 to Automate Tissue Preparation for Single-Cell and Single-Nucleus Analyses 

February 23, 2020

Dateline: Livermore, CA

S2 Genomics, a manufacturer of automated tissue sample preparation systems, announced today at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) 2020 meeting the launch of the Singulator™ 100 System. The Singulator 100 System automates the processing of solid tissue samples into suspensions of single cells or nuclei with high yields and from small samples for a wide range of single-cell biology and genomic analyses.

Automated tissue preparation workflows can help ensure high-quality single-cell data and accelerate single-cell research for genomics, cell biology, and other ‘omic applications. The Singulator 100 automates and standardizes the dissociation process of solid tissues, making it easy for researchers to reproducibly prepare suspensions of high-quality, highly viable cells or nuclei with minimal variability.

“Current methods of cell isolation are often manual or require a series of manual interventions, creating a significant workflow bottleneckand experimental inconsistencies for single cell researchers.  The Singulator 100 overcomes these challenges by rapidly producing consistent, reproducible cell or nuclei suspensions from solid tissue samples without user interventions, reducing hours of hands-onprocessing to minutes,” said Dr. Stevan Jovanovich, President and CEO of S2 Genomics.

The Singulator 100 will begin shipping in spring 2020 with kits available for single-cell and nuclei isolation.

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