Meridian Bioscience (Bioline)

SensiFAST™ Probe Direct SuperMix

A highly inhibitor-resistant qPCR master mix that provides quick and easy extraction and amplification of DNA from a variety of tissue types. The supermix maximizes sensitivity while simultaneously minimizing the effect of blood, tissue and plant PCR inhibitors, to deliver greater experiment success rates.


• Robust: optimized proprietary buffer system designed for overcoming common PCR inhibitors in crude lysate or unprocessed blood, tissue and plant samples

• Specific: antibody-mediated hot-start DNA polymerase minimizes non-specific amplification for improved assay sensitivity and reliability

• Sensitive: reliable quantification of low abundance targets and scarce samples

• Reproducible: consistent results between technical replicates for increased confidence in results

• Fast: delivers reproducible, multiplex accurate assay results in as little as 30 minutes

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