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The XIRIL Workstation runs multiple different Elisa assays in parallel. The scheduling software allows runs of a variable combination of assays and multiple plates simultaneously. The eight pipettes make the workstation suitable for high throughput processing on a 96 well level. The use of disposable tips prevents cross contamination. The integrated washer and reader allow fully automated ELISA processing.

  • 150 cm Workstation
  • 8 pipetting channels
  • Disposable tips
  • Plate barcode reader
  • Plate gripper
  • Plate washer
  • Reader


Features Scheduling software

  • Fully automated scheduling
  • Schedules Unlimited ELISA assays in parallel
  • Including process analyzer
  • Indicates actual process status
  • User friendly


Features Reader & Washer

  • 12 measurement channels, 1 reference channel
  • Up to 6 filters
  • 340 – 750 nm
  • Linear shaking in 4 different modes
  • Dual action manifold
  • Fastest plate washer
  • Gentle dispensing
  • Easy maintenance
  • Fluid detection
  • Unique priming trough (no need for dummy plates)

Project Acceptance Document (PAD)

The Project Acceptance Document (PAD) for fills a crucial role within the delivery and acceptance of each project GC biotech delivers. The PAD describes the goal, demands, targets and all technical details of the total project. Based on the content of the PAD GC biotech will deliver the project. This guarantees our customers to receive a good working, tailor made application. In case of the ELISA workstation the PAD consists of:

  • All the ELISA protocols
  • Description sample preparation
  • Customized lay out of the workstation
  • Evaluation results & acceptation