Lynx LM1800 platforms will run 30.000 samples per year

Sanquin and GC biotech optimize diagnostic pipeline

Waddinxveen (NL), August 15, 2022

As responsible institute for safe and efficient blood supply in the Netherlands, Sanquin has an important role in the life of thousands of people. Not only by drawing blood, processing and distributing it, but also in developing and performing blood diagnostics. The institute routinely performs over 600 different tests, as well as tests on an as-needed basis.

Provided diagnostics include tests for blood group genotyping in transfusion recipients, prenatal diagnostics in case of blood cell antibodies of the mother, genotyping for organ or stem cell recipients, for patients with hemato-oncological diseases or abnormalities in blood cells, and a high number of other tests. Sanquin performs these laboratory tests for medical institutes, insurance and pharmaceutical companies, blood banks and CRO’s.

To be able to process the many different tests and samples, Sanquin started its partnership with GC biotech more than 10 years ago. But since the number and variety of tests increased over the years, there is now a need for a more flexible liquid handling system. Dynamic Devices’ Lynx LM1800 could be a suitable candidate for this job.

The Lynx LM1800 sets a new standard in the flexibility and space efficiency of laboratory workflows. The platform can process a high number of similar samples, but it can also perform different pipetting steps at the same time for smaller tests. With the Volume Verified Pipetting (VVP) technology, the system can even pipet different liquid volumes and viscosities, as all 96 channels can be controlled independently.

Sanquin works with the shortest turnaround time possible. When the Lynx LM1800 workflow is optimized, the tests will be performed even more efficiently than before. Patients will have shorter waiting times for their diagnosis, making it possible to be treated more quickly. For example for patients with an urgent transfusion request or suspected acute myeloid leukemia, immediate treatment is essential. With the Lynx, many important incoming samples can be processed directly.

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