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February 8, 2021

The main restraint of many users to comfortably use automated solutions in the lab is the complexity of operation. The software associated with automated solutions and the complexity of the hardware can be overwhelming in the beginning. However, when accustomed to the use of the system, most users are extremely happy with the decreased amount of repetitive assays performed on a daily base.

When implementing a liquid handling solution for daily use, the variation per assay is often limited to a select number of variables such as amount of reactions per run. To accommodate for these repetitive assays and to maintain the necessary flexibility in the daily operations of the lab, GC biotech offers a Graphical User Interface (GUI) called AppWizz which can be configured by the process administrator. The AppWizz GUI combined with the experienced programming skills of the applications specialists will result in an easy to use automated setting for your liquid handling needs.

The AppWizz software is created around your specific assays and variables and guides the user through the setup of the assay. It will communicate with the operator and will indicate the exact amount of reagents, samples and plate setup to perform the assay without errors and unnecessary delays.

The software can be data file controlled making communications with a Laboratory Information System (LIMS) easy and an advantage. There is no need for file transfer via third party devices such as USB carriers. Due to the custom design of the software, the parameters needed for this specific communication are completely adaptable for any LIMS system.

By adapting the design of the GUI for each customer and assay, the software feels comfortable and looks familiar for every user independent of the situation.

Many applications have been incorporated in the AppWizz software in the past such as:

  • DNA isolation
  • DNA purification (magnetic bead based)
  • NGS library preparation
  • DNA Normalization
  • ELISA setup

For your specific assay needs, please contact us for more information.

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