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Every year over 1,5 million kg of plastic pipette tips are disposed after a single use, leading to significant environmental pollution and costs. Grenova made it their mission to help reduce laboratory biohazard wastes while they also help reduce costs on consumables.

The TipNovus is a bench top, high-througput, washing device that enables the labs to wash and sterilize contaminted pipette tips inlarge quantities for reuse. Tipnovus enables labs to re-use plastic pipette tips numerous times, cutting associated consumable costs by up to 96%. The unique method of wash and sanitation is safe for both the lab and the environment. It is compatible with manual and automation tips.

Wash features:

  • Four cleaning Reagent Inputs
    Enables the users to wash the consumables with the cleaning reagent of their choice
  • High Pressurized Wash
    Eliminates any large contaminates from the pipette tip surfaces.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
    Removes and dissolves small contaminates and particles from the pipette tip surfaces.
  • Tip Agitation
    Improves the wash quality and overall cleaning process.
  • UV Sterilization
    Kills 99,9% of infectious diseases from the surface yielding sterile tips.

The TipLumis is used to expedite the drying process of the tips. This process is achieved by utilizing a concentrated airflow through the tips along with an internal heating system. For temperature sensitive applications, the dryer’s maximum temperature is controllable and can even be deactivated while retaining the system’s airflow. This device also has an adjustable dry time, allowing the user to determine the length of a dry cycle. Additional UV sterilization option is also available to further maintain and store the washed pipette tips in the HEPA sterile environment for reuse.

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