dsDNA Ultra-High Sensitivity Assay Performance Data

It can be a real challenge to measure very low concentrations of DNA and RNA. This application describes how concentrations ranging between 0.5 pg/µL to 300 pg/µL can be measured using the dsDNA Ultra High Sensitivity Assay from Denovix.

This assay is designed to measure dsDNA over RNA, ssDNA or proteins and can be used with fluorometers and fluorescence microplate readers.

To present the typical performance of the dsDNA Ultra High Sensitivity Assay, a dilution series of Calf thymus dsDNA is prepared in TE buffer. Three replicates of each samples, with concentrations between 0.5 pg/µL and 300 pg/µL, where measured on a DeNovix DS-11 FX fluorometer.

The obtained results show that the Assay enables accurate quantification of very low concentrations of dsDNA.

Click here for the application note to learn more about the dsDNA Ultra High Sensitivity Assay.

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