TipNovis and TipNovusMini TipWasher

Labs use 6 pipette tips for EVERY COVID-19 test, resulting in a pending pipette tip shortage. As a solution, the TipNovus and TipNovus Mini from Grenova helps labs safely wash and reuse their most common plastic disposables by more than 10x. During the current health emergency, labs must practice smart inventory control of pipette tips that play a critical role in COVID-19 response.

Grenova products have been used for cleaning, sanitizing and reusing pipette tips for the purpose of COVID-19 PCR testing. In a CLIA certified diagnostics lab, Pipette tips were successfully washed and dried using the TipNovus Gen 4 system alongside the TipLumis for the sanitary storage of these tips. Both default and custom methods were used to test the performance of the system. Negative QC and blank results were used to identify the possible contamination of the tips. Furthermore, the pipette tips originating from one part of the process (ie. DNA extraction) were washed and reused in other parts of the process (ie. Sample aliquot). There was no contamination seen as indicated by the negative QC and blank results. Out of the 26 negative QC and 174 blanks ran, all samples resulted appropriately as negative. It has been determined that the default TipNovus protocols were sufficient in producing clean pipette tips for reuse in all COVID-19 PCR testing steps. Data from this study is available upon request.

Tipnovus™ is a bench top, robotic arm friendly, high throughput device that enables laboratories to wash and sanitize pipette tips for reuse. Tipnovus™ enables labs to re-use plastic pipette tips numerous times, cutting associated consumable costs by up to 96%. The unique method of wash and sanitation is safe for both the lab and the environment.

TipNovusMini™ is an automated pipette tip washer that includes identical TipNovus cleaning and drying technology in a compact 1-rack system. The Mini has a considerable throughput, small footprint, and is capable of integration with most automated liquid handling robots.

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