The HiG automated centrifuge

The Bionex HiG cnetrifuges deliver the highest speed and imbalance capabilities of any centrifuge accessible with a robotic arm on the market. The maximum speed of up to 5.000 x g and the rapid acceleration assure better pelletizing and clean supernatants in your assay compared to any other centrifuge reaching lower maximum speeds. Due to its high maximum speed it is now possible to automate nearly all applications.

The balance intolerance

The two positions in the system are capable of handling plates with a maximum weight of up to 350 grams. This weight enables nearly all applications, even filter plates and deep-well blocks. With a balance intolerance of up to 100 grams, it is no longer needed to weigh out all plates before centrifugation. It ensures a continuous operation of the system during all variations of an application. Due to the large door opening of 61 mm, it fits nearly all filter plate assemblies and plate types without the need of a separate plate loader. A wide range of laboratory arms is able to load the plates directly into the system.

The HiG 3 and HiG 4 systems

The HiG 3 is suited for all standard applications and all applications requiring a high g-force centrifugation. When working with temperature labile products, the extra temperature controlled HiG 4 makes sure that samples within the centrifuge will remain within 5°C of ambient.
The HiG centrifuges are completely powered by standard electrical circuits, eliminating the need of compressed air for operation.

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