The BumbleBee Sample Handler

Performing sample transfers with an extremely fast rate? The BumbleBee Sample Handler performs sample transfers with rates as low as three seconds per sample. Having up to eight truly independent channels, the BumbleBee transfers multiple samples simultaneously decreasing run-time even more. Combined with up to four rotating sample translators, the system is capable of transferring up to eight samples simultaneously from tubes, plates and vials and even from mixed formats.

The patented technology in the Bumblebee is specifically designed for the most complex sample transfers within liquid handling. The Bumblebee liquid handler has been designed primarily to be integrated in the Hive automation platform. Integrated in the platform, it makes the best use of its rotating plates and independent moving channels. Simultaneously picking multiple samples from various plate locations in any plate on the deck.

The Bumblebee liquid handler can be equipped with up to eight independent channels, multi channels and even a 96-well head. Many application can be performed in an enormous high throughput. The integration in the Hive automation platform extends the possibilities to nearly endless possibilities within any high throughput application.
When performing high throughput applications, down time should be prevented as much as possible. The Bumblebee sample handler has a unique channel replacement technology enabling the user to replace a channel by loosening a single thumbscrew. Exchange a channel within less than 60 seconds!

The volume range of the Bumblebee sample handler is fully within the range of the current trend of miniaturization. With a lower volume of 500 nl (<5% CV) up to 700 μl, nearly all applications can be performed without multiple transfers.

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