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VVP Technology

Award-winning Volume Verified Pipetting (VVP) technology represents the very latest in air-based 8, 24 & 96 multi-channel pipetting.

Highly sensitive in-line flow sensors integrated into each and every channel translates to unique pipetting competencies

VVP Technology

Independent Volumes on All Channels

  • Superior flexibility for 96 & 24-channel automated liquid handling
  • Expands pipetting workflow efficiency by several-fold over traditional tools
  • Perform plate normalizations, serial dilutions & other common routines in record time

VVP Technology

Direct Volumetric Measurement of Each & Every Transfer

  • Ultimate pipetting confidence with real-time volume verification
  • Removes the guesswork from automated liquid handling once-and-for-all
  • Any liquid, at any volume…with zero liquid class development

VVP Technology

Live Pipetting Diagnostics & Error Recovery

  • New levels of process security with continuous QC monitoring of all channels
  • More robust workflows with advanced user-defined recovery for ‘on-the-fly’ corrections
  • Final validation data report captures all pipetting data

How VVP Works

VVP air-based pipetting tools perform all aspirate and dispense functions via precise control of vacuum and positive pressure, respectively.

A silicon chip-based MEMS micro-sensor assembly incorporated into each liquid channel measures the pressure differential across a known constriction. Volumetric flow rate is a linear function of this pressure differential, allowing for instantaneous calculation of the actual volume of liquid entering or leaving each tip.

By monitoring and adjusting to volumetric flow in real-time, all pipetting processes can be controlled and finely tuned for any liquid, automatically accommodating for temperature and viscosity differences.

VVP TechnologyVVP Technology

Liquid Level Detection (LLD) with VVP

Independent-channel LLD on all liquid types is performed via controlled micro-releases of air from the distal end of the tip and subsequent monitoring of pressure changes associated with meniscus (or bubble/foam) interference. A residual volume based on the confirmed meniscus height and labware definition is calculated. Any pipetting discrepancies experienced are addressed via several user-defined error recovery options.

Air-based VVP technology accomplishes robust LLD without the need for more expensive carbon-impregnated (capacitance-based LLD) disposable tips. For the best pipetting results, be sure to use D2-brand ‘performance-certified’ clear disposable tips.

Pipetting Diagnostics with VVP

VVP performs continuous millisecond analysis of flow rates for each liquid channel. A disruption in the expected average flow rate, produced either by air entering the channel (i.e. ‘short or no sample’) or a blockage (i.e. clot/clog) triggers an alert.

Diagnosed pipetting errors are addressed automatically ‘on-the-fly’ via user-defined error recovery options.

Independent control of each channel affords the freedom to isolate and disable only the offending channel(s), allowing the method to continue without interruption.

Upon method completion, a final Error Report file is generated.

Advanced Clot/Clog Detection & Correction

Characteristics of the sample matrix are used to set specific flow rate measurement thresholds, allowing optimal detection and recovery from blockages such as clots or clogs. Upon detection, affected channel(s) are disabled and remaining tips finish aspirating. Upon completion, the VVP head is raised, affected tip(s) cleared and an ‘intra-well re-aspiration’ is performed.

Short Sample/No Sample Detection & Correction

Flow rate changes caused by introduction of air into the sample column during aspiration are used to diagnose a ‘short sample’ or ‘no sample’ specimen. Recovery options include skip the sample, re-aspirate, sample blow-back, or dispense and report the actual volume transferred

VVP Tools

Featuring next-gen integrated flow sensor technology. Fast and flexible, perfectly suited for liquid handling in single microliter to milliliter volumes.

96VVP Pipetting Tool

96 channel (8×12) head; fixed 9mm spacing

  • 96 independent volumes with LLD & Pipetting Dx on each channel
  • Wide dynamic range: 1.5 μL – 1,250 μL/channel
  • 96 volume transfers simultaneously monitored, verified and recorded in real-time

The only 96-channel head on the market with 96 independent volumes, allowing for new levels of flexibility and efficiency. Yields unsurpassed speed in combinatorial pipetting routines, normalization, serial dilutions, pooling, hit picking and complex plate layouts.

24VVP Pipetting ToolVVP Technology

24 channel (4×6) head; fixed 18mm spacing

  • 24 independent volumes with LLD & Pipetting Dx on each channel
  • Wide Dynamic Range: 50 μL – 5,000 μL/channel*
  • 24 verified volume transfers simultaneously monitored, verified and recorded in real-time

*using D2 performance-certified DDX-24 5mL disposable tips

The only 24-channel head on the market with 5mL/channel capacity. Ideal for applications such as liquid biopsy sample distribution and large volume DNA mag-bead based extraction. 24 independent volumes offers flexibility for more complex pipetting routines.

Fixed 8VVP Pipetting ToolVVP Technology

8 channel (1×8) tool; fixed 9mm spacing

  • 8 independent volumes
  • Wide Dynamic Range: 0.5 μL – 1,250 μL/channel
  • 8 verified volume transfers simultaneously monitored, verified and recorded in real-time

The Lynx’s entry-level VVP tool (f8) transfers 8 independent volumes of liquid with verified volume reporting and full pipetting diagnostics. For samples within microplate format you can now validate your transfers with our fixed-8 tip VVP Pipetting Tool. By eliminating the independent spreading and Z axis capabilities, multiple axis control is reduced, providing a highly economical yet functional VVP pipetting tool.

f8iz Pipetting ToolVVP Technology

8 channel (1×8) tool; independent z-axis

  • 8 independent volumes
  • Wide Dynamic Range: 0.5 μL – 1,250 μL/channel
  • Independent z-axis motion per individual tip
  • Independent access to variable spaced tubes and individual wells possible
  • Verified and recorded in real-time

Our newest VVP pipetting tool has the capability of independent z-axis motion per individual tip with a fixed y-axis. With independent Z, individual access to variable spaced tubes and individual wells is possible. The f8iz VVP uses the same clear tips as the other VVP tools; has independent Liquid Level Detection (LLD), linear motors, a volume range from 1 to 1250uL as well as full VVP pipetting diagnostics for each channel.

Standard Technology (ST) Pipetting Tools

Traditional syringe-drive air-based pipetting; uniform volume across all channels. An economical solution for many liquid-handling applications such as plate stamping. Single, row and column tip pick up. For 24, 96, 384 & 1536-well plate-based liquid handling routines.


24ST Pipetting ToolVVP Technology

24 uniform volume channels

Our 24 ST Pipetting Tool allows 24 5mL disposable tips to be used for uniform volume transfers. Fast pipetting of all your large volume samples. Now accomplish applications like In-Parallel Mag Bead Extraction.



96ST Pipetting ToolVVP Technology

96 uniform volume channels; 8×12 array; fixed 9mm spacing

Our 96 ST Pipetting Tool allows the transfer of wells, rows, columns or entire 96 well plates across 96, 384 or even 1536 well plates. In this ST syringe based design, identical volumes are transferred in every channel. The dual disposable tip mandrel design provides options for low and high volume configurations. With replaceable CORE insert pipetting blocks, the 96 ST syringe pipetting tool is the most economical for high throughput liquid handling.


384ST Pipetting ToolVVP Technology

384 uniform volume channels; 16×24 array; fixed 4.5mm spacing

With the high loading force required to load 384 simultaneous tips, the Lynx is specifically engineered to load these tips from any worktable position. No specific loading areas or specialty tip loading tools required. Simply place the 384 tip box(es) in any microplate position and run your method with the versatility you expect from your Lynx LM Series Workstation.

96-well plates – Pipetting range by tool/tip type*


Pipetting Tool High Volume 96ST Head
DDX96 60 μL non-filtered
  1. μL – 60 μL (35 μL filtered)
DDX96 340 μL non-filtered
  1. μL – 340 μL (230 μL filtered)
DDX96 1250 μL non-filtered
  1. μL – 1000 μL (1000ul filtered)
LXB96 200 μL non-filtered
  1. μL – 200 μL (150 μL filtered)
LXB96 300 μL non-filter
  1. μL – 300 μL (250 μL filtered)
LXB96 1250 μL non-filtered
  1. μL – 1000 μL (950 μL filtered

*lower volumes may be achieved under optimal conditions

384-well plates – Pipetting range by tool/tip type*

Pipetting Tool Low Volume (384) 96ST Head 384ST Head
DDX384 30 μL non-filtered x
  1. μL – 30 μL (15 μL filtered)
DDX384 70 μL non-filter x
  1. μL – 70 μL (50 μL filtered)
DDX384 (96 format) 70 μL non-filtered 1.0 μL – 70 μL x
LXB384 30 μL non-filtered x
  1. μL – 30 μL (15 μL filtered)
LXB384 70 μL non-filtered x
  1. μL – 70 μL (50 μL filtered)
Pipetting Tool Low Volume (384) 96ST Head 384ST Head
DDX384 30 μL non-filtered x
  1. μL – 30 μL (15 μL filtered)

*lower volumes may be achieved under optimal conditions

1536-well Plate Pipetting

Positional Accuracy and Reproducibility

Linear drive motors coupled with x/y axes positional encoders provides unparalleled accuracy and zero drift over time. < 0.1 mm positional resolution allows robust pipetting to high-density 1536-well plates.

VVP Technology

Lynx Platform

Lynx incorporates a series of enabling technologies for robust performance and reduced maintenance.

VVP Technology

Sturdy Chassis

  • Rigid aluminum frame provides structural integrity to withstand rigors of extended operation
  • Stiffness ensures consistent x/y axes positional performance over time
  • Load full rack, rows or columns of tips from any location on the deck without the need for special tip-loading modules

VVP Technology

Solid Mandrel Design

  • Stainless steel adapters for reproducible tip pickup and ejection
  • Zero wear parts (i.e. no O-rings or motors) for low maintenance operation
  • Single design compatible with all Lynx disposable clear tips

VVP Technology

Linear Motion Technology

  • High-speed high precision linear motors coupled with positional encoders
  • Unparalleled x/y axes positional accuracy and zero drift over time
  • Pipetting/gripping arms know location at all times, even upon a crash
  • Re-start methods without re-initialization
  • Zero wear parts for maintenance-free operation

Lynx Platform Decks Sizes

Sizes & Capacities
Flexible, space-efficient decks to fit your ideal throughput and walk-away time; 5 models to choose from:

Platform Deck Length Width Height Deck Positions (#’s)
LM1800 75“ 36“ 40“ 60-66
LM1200 52“ 36“ 40“ 42
LM900 40“ 36“ 40“ 30
LM700 28“ 26“ 26“ 12
LM730i 24“ 24“ 30“ 18

Dynamic Loading & Storage Integration

We’re excited to introduce to you the NEWEST member of the Dynamic Devices product line Qdex! With the need for speed and ultimate flexibility, the NEW Qdex will solve your workflow bottlenecks holding up to 60 trays at a time.As displayed at SLAS 2020, Qdex is available for continuous operation with dynamic loading giving you uncompromising performance.

Virtual Deck | Faster Access | Random Access | Batch Processing | Continuous Loading | Multi-User Availability | SBS & Custom Labware | 4x the capacity

No more waiting to load or unload plates or trays

Normalize 270 plates in less than 4 hours

Exchange a tray of 9 plates in 30 seconds

18 virtual deck positions available

VVP Technology

Seamless Integration with Lynx Workstation

VVP Technology

Dynamic Loading/Unloading of Trays

VVP Technology

Holds up to 60 Trays at a Time


Gripping & Device Integration

VVP Technology

Head Gripper Tool
cost-effective solution for on-deck labware transport; fingers configured onto 96 or 384 head arms; plate stacking/unstacking, lidding/de-lidding plates, move mag and vac separation devices, discard empty tip boxes and more

VVP Technology

‘iPaw’ Internal Gripper Tool
flexible solution for on and off-deck labware transport; separate frame mounted arm ideal for hand-offs to readers, washers and other peripheral integrated devices; can ‘cross-over’ pipetting arms for increased flexibility and provide pipetting arms with increased access to on-deck positions

VVP Technology

External Gripper on Rail

for more complex integration projects that require plate transport of over longer distances to access larger peripherals, industrial 6-axis robot on 1-3 meter linear rail; provides full access to locations under deck, behind or to the sides of the system


Scanning & Vision

1D & 2D Scanning
integrated barcode scanning modules capable of efficient scanning of 1D and 2D barcodes on tubes and plates; affords highly secure sample tracking and chain-of-custody reporting

Vision Options
integrated optics modules can perform vision inspection tasks including confirmation of tip type, plate stack heights or presence of cap mats; provides for increased process security and control

Instrument Control Software

Simplified Instrument Control
With Method Manager 4.0 (MM4), controlling your Lynx is made easy. MM4 provides a practical approach to method programming, worklist importing, runtime control, pipetting data exporting and diagnostics reporting. And no matter the size of your Lynx, all use the same MM4 software for consistency across the entire Lynx platform.

Lynx Certified Disposable Tips

Clear Tips
Lynx uses high-quality CLEAR disposable tips for all pipetting and liquid level detection, eliminating the need for expensive black polycarbonate tips. VVP flow sensor technology allows for robust LLD in both tubes and plates, and can accommodate compromised samples containing clots, bubbles or foam. Several sizes and filtered/unfiltered versions available

Standard Boxes
All Lynx-brand tips are housed in ANSI-standard containers, allowing for placement anywhere on the deck. Tip pick-up directly from sturdy tip boxes eliminates the need for dedicated racks or tip loaders

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