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DeNovix Spectrophotometer DS 11


About the DeNovix Spectrophotometer DS 11

The DeNovix Spectrophotometer DS 11 takes the world of microvolume spectrophotometry to a whole new level. Its compact, stand-alone design allows it to operate without a PC and does not require any software installation. Just turn it on and it’s ready to go. Busy labs will love the 4 second measurements and the time-saving AutoRun function. You’ll also love the choice of the attractive colors!

Among the products of DeNovix, the DS-11 FX+ spectrophotometer/Fluorometer has been awarded with the Reviewers Choice Life Science Product of the Year award for 2017 by the reviewers of

The DS-11 and DS-11+ models are equipped with the same technology and have been the foundation of the DeNovix product range. With their strong roots in spectrometry, the DS-11 outperforms all major competitors in the market today.

The stand-alone system does not require any separate device or pc for operation and has a small footprint, making it ideal to use in a small or mobile environment. Data is obtained in a very user-friendly interface based on the Android™ operating system as seen in many smart devices nowadays. The EasyApps™ software gives the user a similar experience when using the DeNovix DS-11 as when using their Android™ smartphone.

Due to the improved mechanics in the system, sample column breakage will no longer be the cause of false measurements. The speed of measurement is very fast with a measurement time of just 4 seconds. To further increase the ease-of-use and speed of the DS-11 and DS-11+, the system is equipped with an AutoRun function minimizing the manual interference when processing larger batches of measurements.

The DS-11 fulfills all low volume measurement needs for any lab. When larger volumes need to be processed, the DS-11+ is equipped with a UV-Vis cuvette option. The cuvette spectrophotometer offers an outstanding dynamic range and sensitivity while maintaining the flexibility and ease-of-use as seen in all DeNovix products. The speed of the cuvette measurements is even greater with results in under 2 seconds.

Key Features of the DeNovix Spectrophotometer DS-11

•  Full spectrum analysis (190-840 nm)
•  Android™ operating system featuring EasyApps™ software
•  Ultra high absorbance- up to 25,000 ng/ul dsDNA or 750 mg/ml BSA
•  0.5 to 1 ul samples with no sample column breakage
•  Stand-alone system
•  Small footprint- only 20 x 33 cm
•  No separate PC or software installation is required
•  Ethernet, WiFi and USB connectivity
•  AutoRun function
•  4 second measurement time
•  Maintenance free
•  Two models: microvolume only (DS-11) and microvolume plus cuvette (DS-11+)

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