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About the DeNovix FX Module

Already have a DeNovix DS-11 or DS-11+ in your lab but have found the need for fluorescence detection? Just use the DeNovix FX module as an add-on to your current system and the use of the dsDNA assay quantification kits is directly available.

Instantly add the power of fluorescence detection to any DeNovix DS-11 or DS-11+ Spectrophotometer with the DeNovix FX Module. Simply plug in this USB powered accessory and DeNovix fluorometric EasyApps® are immediately enabled. The easy-to-use apps are preconfigured for use with a wide choice of commercially available assays including those designed for Qubit® and QuantusTM platforms.

  • Four Channel Fluorescence
  • 0.5 mL thin-walled PCR tubes
  • USB Powered

When using the DeNovix fluorescence module and its quantification kits the detection of dsDNA and other biomolecules can be improved up to 1.000 times. Due to the specific designed chemistry in the quantification kits, the assays are sensitive and specific measuring only the dsDNA in samples that contain RNA and other contaminants.

The performance of the DeNovix FX module is best when combining the high quality fluorescence module with the quantification kits created by DeNovix. A detailed description is available via our website. The DeNovix dsDNA assay kits outperform the competition on their wide detection range. For increased sensitivity demands, the kits are available in three variations going down to concentrations of 0.5 pg/ul and up to 4000 ng/ul. All assays are simple mix-and-measure assays using a 2-point standard control.

Rewarded by scientists

The DeNovix products have been rated on a 4.9/5.0 by users via Due to this rating, the DeNovix DS-11 FX+ Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer has been rewarded as product of the year!

The products are reviewed with a very high evaluation on ease of use and value for money!

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