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BigDye terminator removal sequencing clean up kit

CleanDTR is an efficient paramagnetic bead-based system, designed bij CleanNA to remove unincorporated dye terminators from Sanger sequencing reactions. It can also be used for CRISPR-Cas9. The CleanDTR process involves three simple steps including bind, wash and elute. While binding the sequencing product selectively to the magnetic particles, unincorporated dyes, nucleotides, salts and primers will be removed during ethanol washes. This principle allows for elution of the pure Sanger Sequencing product in the elution buffer of choice. The protocol can be adapted to your current liquid handling workstation (e.g. Beckman, Hamilton, Tecan, Caliper, Perkin Elmer, Agilent and Eppendorf) utilizing your current protocol as well as it can be performed manually.


Clean up of sequencing product for both ABI and MegaBACE platforms Supported Chemistries

  • BigDye* versions 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1
  • DYEnamic ET

* BigDye is a registered trademark of Applied Biosystems


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CDTR-0005 5 mL 500 Order online
CDTR-0050 50 ml 5,000 Order online
CDTR-0500 500 ml 50,000 Order online


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