DNA/RNA Isolation kits

DNA/RNA Isolation kits

Nucleic Acid isolations are performed on various sample type such as blood, tissue, plant leaves and seeds, buccal swabs, cells and many more. GC biotech has a profound history in the performance and automation of the DNA/RNA isolation process on every level of throughput or sample material.

The CleanNA isolation kits are based on paramagnetic beads and a proprietary buffer system. Combined with the efficient wash and elution steps, high yields of DNA and RNA with an excellent purity are obtained. CleanNA offers Nucleic Acid isolation kits for the isolation of DNA and RNA from all sample types as mentioned above and more. CleanNA aims to launch multiple new kits per year to further increase the service we provide to our customers in their needs for nucleic acid isolation techniques.

Our customers are working in various fields of expertise such as the human genetics, plant genomics or related fields. Nucleic Acid isolation is often the start of their research and/or diagnostic assay and is therefore performed on various throughput levels from low to ultra-high or with very strict quality demands.

Paramagnetic beads allow fast and accurate isolation of DNA and/or RNA from a broad range of biological samples. After tissue lysis, the DNA and/or RNA can be isolated from the lysate in one step by binding to the surface of the CleanNA magnetic beads. Next, the beads are separated from the lysates using a magnetic separation device. Following several rapid wash steps to remove trace contaminants, the purified DNA or RNA is eluted from the CleanNA particles for downstream applications using an aqueous elution buffer

CleanNA magnetic beads are ideal for both automation on all liquid handling workstations as well as for streamlining manual applications. Besides, the high purity and quality allow for cost savings on downstream applications for instance by reagent volume reduction. The scalability and flexibility of the CleanNA isolation kits make them very efficient for any sample starting volume.

Clean Blood & Tissue DNA Kit
Clean Blood LV DNA Kit
Clean Cell free DNA Kit (CE-IVD)
Clean Circulating LV DNA Kit
Clean FFPE DNA & RNA Kit
Clean Plant PK DNA Kit
Clean Plasmid TR DNA Kit
Clean Total RNA Kit

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