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Bioptic Qsep100

The Qsep 100 offers rapid automated capillary electrophoresis analysis for applications in research, pharmaceuticals, clinical diagnostics, food, agricultural and environmental sciences.

The Qsep 100 capillary electrophoresis system offers and easy-to-use system that eliminates numerous of time-sensitive steps like sample preparation and detection for post-PCR sample processing. The analysis of complex biological samples can be performed in just a few simple steps. There is no need for gel preparation nor gel photographs.

The pen-shaped gel cartridges come in multiple types, depending on the exact needs of your assay. The integrated RFID tag, tracks and traces the exact status of the cartridge to assure the best quality of your assay.

With the help of the Qsep 100, detection of samples within the following applications can be automated:

  • Genetic profiling
  • Restricted Digested DNA
  • PCR products
  • Synthesized Oligonucleotides
  • Total RNA QC
  • Plasmid purification & heterogeneity Analysis
  • DNA synthesis primer
  • HLA typing
  • STR DNA analysis
  • DNA hybridization

The use of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in the fields of many fields such as genomics is becoming more and more a standard procedure. As the NGS workflow is depending on the quality and quantity of of the library, a number of Quality Control (QC) steps are involved. The Qsep 100 system and cartridge enable the performance of the most common quality control steps. These steps involve the integrity of the DNA/RNA, the size distribution control and the validation of the library.

The Qsep 100 performs a specific and sensitive fluorescent detection using LED excitation. With a resolution of 1-4 bp and a minimal sample inlet volume of 1 μl, it generates an electropherogram including all information on your samples.

No matter what the needs of your assay are, when selecting the right cartridge, the Qsep 100 can analysis your sample in a time frame of 1-5 minutes. Based upon your specific requirements, select the right cartridge in the table below.

Not sure what cartridge is suitable for your application? Contact us to get more information or book a demonstration.

Specifications S2 – Standard Cartridge S1 – High Resolution Cartridge F3 – Fast Cartridge
Cat. No. C105201 (2 pcs kit)
C105801 (8 pcs kit)
C105202 (2 pcs kit)
C105802 (8 pcs kit)
C105203 (2 pcs kit)
C105803 (8 pcs kit)
Sizing range 15-15000 bp 15-15000 bp 15-15000 bp
Sizing resolution 15-500 bp 4-10 bp
500-1000 bp 10%
1000-15k bp 15%
15-500 bp 1-4 bp
500-1000 bp 5%
1000-15k bp 10%
15-100 bp 10-50 bp
1000-5000 bp 15%
Sizing accuracy 7% CV 5% CV 10% CV
Sizing reproducability 3% CV 2% CV 5% CV
Quantitative range 0.1-100 ng/uL
Recommended: 1 ng/uL-10 ng/uL
0.1-100 ng/uL
Recommended: 1 ng/uL-10 ng/uL
0.1-50 ng/uL
Recommended: 1 ng/uL-10 ng/uL
Analysis time (for each sample) 2 – 3 min 3 – 5 min 1 – 2 min
Sample number (for each cartridge) 200 runs 200 runs 300 runs
Sample consumption (per run) <0.1 uL <0.1 uL <0.1 uL
Minimum sample volume 20 uL
1 uL, when using micro vial (C104250)
20 uL
1 uL, when using micro vial (C104250)
20 uL
1 uL, when using micro vial (C104250)
Kit stability 6 months 6 months 4 months

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