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BioNex Nanodrop Express


About the Nanodrop Express

BioNex Nanodrop Express offers best-in-class liquid-handling instruments providing non-contact, low-volume (nanoliter to microliter) aspirate-and-dispense solutions to end users and leading lab automation companies worldwide. These products serve the HTS, Genomics and Proteomics markets to enable miniaturized screening assays, bead and cell-based assays, protein crystallization screens, and low-volume genomic amplification protocols in 96, 384, 1536, and 3456 formats. They offer a robust and low-maintenance means of achieving assay volume reduction without compromising precision or accuracy.

The BioNex Nanodrop™ Express is a complete solution for low volume, high-precision pipetting. The system can be configured with one or two plate positions to enable applications such as assay miniaturization, method development, PCR reaction setup, protein crystallography and Single Cell Sequencing reaction setup.

The Boinex Nanodrop Express has no valves within the fluid path, decreasing the chances of cross-contamination throughout the assays. The software allows for complex method development, without losing the ease-of-use. Due to the Individual Aspirate and Dispense (IAD) technology, even single wells can be aspirated and dispensed in unique volumes.

The Bionex Nanodrop Express is a 16 channel system, each channel with a complete isolated fluidics path. The volume range to be dispensed is 100 nl up to 40 ul per channel. Multidispense actions, decrease the time needed for assays such as plate filling and serial dilutions.

With the flexible configuration of the channels, the system can be used in 1 x 16 for all assays in 384 and 1536 well plates, while the 2 x 8 configuration allows for assays using 96, 384 and 1536 well plates. Due to the design and technique, the system is extremely fast in its operation filling 384 well plates in under 10 seconds using the on-the-fly dispense method.

When using viscous fluids, the discrete stop dispense technique is fully variable to optimize the dispensing for all fluid types ranging from organic fluids up to biological samples and detergents. The various types of harnesses are designed to decrease non-specific binding of DNA, primers and PCR mixes.

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