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HiBeam Laser Engraver


Permanent Marking Cannot Be Washed Off

For permanent marking on any labware and to avoid adhesive labels, the HiBeam laser engraver delivers next-generation technology with superior results opposed to conventional technologies. No matter what storage conditions, or demands on the barcode, the HiBeam laser engraver can mark directly on the labware. Using the HiBeam laser engraver technology eliminates all risks of conventional technologies such as damaged or detached labels. Labware marked with the HiBeam can endure anything from centrifugation, water bath thermal cycling, solvent contact or other interferences without losing quality of the engraved barcode.

Imprint True-Font Text, Graphics, Logos, 1D Barcodes, 2D Barcodes and More

The flexible positioning allows the engraver to mark any side of the plate with text, barcodes or graphics. There is no constraint to the label size or content. Easy integration in laboratory automation systems is ensured with its compact footprint. The rotating plate platform allows the labware to enter and exit in any orientation.

Tunable Laser Marks a Wide Variety of Materials

The HiBeam laser engraver is designed to ensure maximum traceability of labware throughout its entire life cycle, without the use of any additional consumable, in the demanding applications of genomics, diagnostics and drug discovery.

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