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BioNex Hive Automation Platform


About the BioNex Hive Automation Platform

• No downtime, automation runs continuously
• Compact, versatile and expandable
• Virtually eliminate deck resetting time
• Load plates and consumables during runs

The BioNex Hive automation platform automates laboratory processes and is fully customizable using standard products to match your workflow, storage and throughput requirements. The Hive footprint is similar to most laboratory benches so uses less of your precious lab space. The unique design of the Hive allows use of the entire workspace, including above- and below-deck spaces. It facilitates compact system integration of BioNex instruments with third-party devices without compromising performance.

Most devices face the front of the platform for easy offline use and serviceability. Not limited to a specific size, the Hive can be expanded to integrate multiple or larger devices. Adding simultaneous-access storage allows plates and consumables to be loaded and unloaded during runs, eliminating traditional deck resetting time. BeeSmart Kart

One side of the storage module is dedicated to the Hive robotic arm while the other can be loaded by an operator or with BeeSmart Karts™, which are manually loaded at sample and consumable labs/stores remote from the Hive.
Loaded Karts are driven to the BioNex Hive and docked for material transfer. The storage module is fully customizable for any combination of plate types and consumables at any capacity.

Key Features and BenefitsSimultaneous access plate storage module

• Increased workflow productivity
• Simultaneous-access storage
• Restock fresh and unload spent consumables during operation. Docking BeeSmart Kart
• Save lab space with compact Hive integrations
• Automate nearly any application by integrating a wide array of devices
• Forward facing instruments enable easy offline use and service
• Customizable random-access storage for consumables

Integrated Robotics, Hive Robot™The Hive robot

• 4-axis Hive Robot enables full utilization of Hive workspace
• Easy integration of third party instruments
• Robotic arm extends beyond Hive for additional workspace
• Fast, efficient pick and place across entire robot space
• Portrait and landscape labware handling
• Customizable gripper handles labware reliably
• Integrated imaging barcode reader with picture identification for reliable plate reading and tracking

General Specifications

• Physical specifications: system design specific
• Power source: 100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 15 A
• Integrated UPS: runs Hive platform for 45 minutes
• Software: BioNex Synapsis™ Control Software

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