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BioNex TaskCell Workstation Platform


About the BioNex TaskCell Workstation Platform

The BioNex TaskCell is a versatile, configurable workstation platform for performing walk-away automation tasks in an easily accessible manner. Some of the key elements of the TaskCell platform include but are not limited to:

● The BumbleBeeXT pipetting system incorporating the revolutionary combination of rotating plate movers and independently operating single-channel and 12-channel pipettors for liquid handling
applications. The BumbleBeeXT is the same sample handler utilized in the highly successful BumbleBee/Hive platform operating at customer locations worldwide.

● The compact and robust FourARM plate handler along with the FourTRAK linear positioning track for moving labware such as plates and pipette tips between devices.

● The TaskCell low profile bench for easy platform configuration, labware loading and performance monitoring. Third party devices such as detection instruments, plate sealers, barcode readers, etc. can be easily integrated using the BioNex task-based Synapsis software, or with commercially available scheduling software such as Retisoft.

Three examples of TaskCell configurations:

Figure 1 (above) shows a TaskCell comprised of a BumbleBeeXT with two completely independent singlechannel pipette modules, two 12-channel pipette modules, and a FourARM Plate Handler on a FourTRAK linear positioning track. This configuration demonstrates a concept for preparing Assay Ready Plates where the single-channel pipette modules can perform complex pipetting tasks such as cherry picking, followed by using the 12-channel pipette modules to add common reagents, perform serial dilutions and plate replication.

TaskCell picture2
Figure 2
(middle) shows a Task Cell configured with a FourARM plate handler on a FourTRAK, a BNX 1536 dispenser, and an Intellicyte iQue® system for Phenotypic Drug Discovery. This illustrates a simple automated high throughput system for High Content Analysis. The BNX 1536 dispenser can add up to four different no-wash fluorescent markers to each well of a 384-well microplate containing cells in suspension and test compound. After a suitable incubation time, the microplate is then transferred to the iQue system for measurement.

TaskCell picture3
Figure 3
(on the left) illustrates a TaskCell employing Agilent Technologies microplate labeler, sealer and stacker as well as a BioNex HiG4 centrifuge and Nanodrop low volume pipettor. Here, plates are labeled, reagents dispensed then followed by a sample prep spin before being sealed and stored in the plate stack. Similar sample processing methods can be incorporated into workflows for applications such as sample normalization, qPCR, or no-wash ELISA assays using low volumes of samples and reagents.

Typical Applications Key Features and Benefits

• ELISA workstation • Versatility- automate any microplate-based process
• IC50/EC50 assay preparation • Expandability- virtually any size to accommodate your workflow
• High throughput screening • Speed- Infinitely rotatable FourARM plate handler
• Phenotypic screening • Compact- low-profile FourARM robotic plate handler
• Genomic analysis • Flexibility- accommodates any instrument and peripheral
• Sample processing
• Microplate management BioNex

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