Meridian - Liquid Biopsy

Meridian - Liquid Biopsy

Liquid biopsies enable cancer testing from non-invasive clinical samples

Liquid biopsy samples such as blood, urine, saliva and stool and is significantly less intrusive than surgical biopsy. It provides access to cell free DNA (cfDNA), enabling early detection cancer cells (before a tumour develops) and together with RNA detects non-shedding cancers. Liquid biopsies provide an easier and safer mode to monitoring disease recurrence, therapeutic selection and effectiveness.


  • Screening and early cancer detection
  • Real-time monitoring of therapy
  • Stratification and therapeutic intervention
  • Therapeutic target and resistance mechanisms identification
  • Risk for metastatic relapse (prognosis)
Genotyping Blood DNA qPCR Mix
Liquid Biopsy Blood DNA & Blood RNA/DNA qPCR Mix
Liquid Biopsy Stool DNA qPCR Mix
Liquid Biopsy Urine DNA qPCR Mix

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