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Tetro cDNA Synthesis Kit

Tetro™ cDNA Synthesis Kit contains all the necessary components to generate cDNA from an RNA template. The generated cDNA is suitable for PCR with gene-specific primers or for other downstream applications. The kit contains MMLV Reverse Transcriptase and is suitable for first strand cDNA synthesis, cDNA library construction and the production of templates for PCR amplification.

Product Highlights

  • Highly sensitive -for high-quality, full length cDNA from as little as 10 pg of total RNA
  • Ultra-stable reverse transcriptase -for long genes and rare transcripts
  • Simple -one-tube, one-step set-up for highly sensitive PCR
  • Broad dynamic range -10 pg to 5 μg of RNA

Product Description

Tetro™ cDNA Synthesis Kit contains our highly sensitive MMLV reverse transcriptase, oligo (dT)18 and random hexamer primers and all the necessary components to generate high quality cDNA from RNA templates (fig. 1). The first-strand cDNA generated is ideal for PCR (fig. 2) and can be used in a variety of other applications, such as analyses of cellular RNAs, characterization of RNA splice variants and the generation and cloning of cDNA.

Tetro cDNA Synthesis Kit is optimized for RT reactions over a wide range of total RNA concentrations (10 pg-5 μg), such that long and low-abundance cDNAs can be detected by amplification after cDNA synthesis. The kit contains oligo (dT)18 and random hexamer primers. The kit components are fully optimized to generate maximum yields of full-length cDNA.


  • Construction of cDNA libraries
  • 2-step PCR assays
  • Generation of probes for hybridization
  • Gene cloning
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BIO-65042 30 Reactions
BIO-65043 100 Reactions

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