Bioline – RNA Analysis

Bioline – RNA Analysis

Bioline offers a range of products for high quality RNA analysis. The product range includes multiple cDNA synthesis kits and several highly optimized reagents. All products are guaranteed RNase/DNase free and suitable for the most demanding applications such as real-time PCR.

The SensiFastTM cDNA Synthesis kit is available in 50 and 250 reaction kits. It offers a highly efficient product for full-length reverse transcription of challenging RNA templates. The product complements the SensiFastTM Probe and SYBR® kits. If you have a need for a rapid and sensitive method for first strand cDNA synthesis, the SensifastTM cDNA synthesis kit is the ideal choice.

The TetroTM cDNA Synthesis kit contains everything needed for the generation of cDNA from an RNA template with the generated cDNA being suitable for PCR with gene-specific primers and other downstream applications. The ultra-stable reverse transcriptase can be used for long genes and rare transcripts. The TetroTM cDNA Synthesis kit has a broad dynamic range from 10 pg up to 2 ug of RNA.

Several other reagents for RNA analysis are available, such as TRIsureTM. TRIsureTM is a reagent used for scalable, simple and fast purification of total RNA but can also be used for the simultaneous isolation of RNA, genomic DNA and protein from various biological samples. The composition of TRIsureTM is such that it facilitates column-free extraction. The composition disrupts the cells during homogenization and it inhibits DNase and RNase activity.

RiboSafe RNase inhibitor is a recombinant protein that effectively inhibits a broad spectrum of eukaryotic RNases. RiboSafe can also be used for cDNA synthsis and in one-step RT-PCR reactions as it does not show inhibitions of polymerase or reverse transcriptase. RiboSafe RNase inhibitor is tested for the absence of endonucleases, nickases and exonucleases, for activity and SDS-PAGE purity. RiboSafe RNase inhibitor is robust at a wide variety of temperatures and pH allowing flexibility in the design of experiments even in highly-sensitive experiments such as single-cell RT-PCR and in vitro translation.

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Oligo (dT)18
Random Hexamer Primer
RiboSafe RNase Inhibitor
SensiFAST cDNA Synthesis Kit
Tetro cDNA Synthesis Kit
Tetro Reverse Transcriptase

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