Bioline - Core Reagents

Bioline - Core Reagents

Meridian Core Reagents HyperLadders or molecular weight markers are composed of DNA and or PCR products, cut with restriction enzymes to a specific size. These products are specifically designed for size determination of double stranded DNA fragments on agarose gels. Additionally to the size, all HyperLadders are provided with information of the approximate mass of DNA for each of the bands to have an indication of the product mass. All HyperLadders come with a loading dye and are stable at room temperature for 6 months.

Nucleic acid electrophoresis is a widely performed technique used in molecular biology to separate, identify and or purify DNA. This technique is based on the principle of charge migration, for DNA is negatively charged.

Migration is determined by both size and shape, allowing nucleic fragments of different sizes to be separated. However, the relationship between fragment size and migration rate not linear. Larger fragments show more resistance when migrating through the gel. Therefore molecular weight markers or molmarkers are used to determine fragment size.

Applications of nucleic acid electrophoresis include analytical techniques such as restriction enzyme mapping, sequence analysis, confirmation op plasmid construction and PCR products, detection of DNA polymorphisms, Northern/Southern blotting, separation of fragments for recovery and cloning as well as other downstream techniques.

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