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SensiFAST Probe One-Step Kit

The SensiFAST Probe One-Step Kit has been optimized for fast, efficient, unbiased cDNA synthesis and subsequent highly sensitive, reproducible real-time PCR detection in a single tube. SensiFAST Probe One-Step has been optimized to deliver excellent results in both singleplex and multiplex assays.

  • Sensitive – reliable quantification from even very low copy number RNA targets
  • Reproducible – for increased confidence in results
  • Robust – reliable detection of RNA targets from a broad range of sample types

An article describes a simple and fast workflow for molecular detection of SARS-CoV-2, where samples are simply heat-processed for 5 min at 98 °C before a commonly-used RT-qPCR procedure. It concludes that the SensiFAST Probe One-Step Kit is fully compatible with this alternative workflow and the best performing Kit that is tested.

Following up, Calvez et al. 2020 confirmed findings published by Fomsgaard et al 2020 and comes with additional remarks for reliable diagnostic use. In short, they confirm that the method works, with very consistent Ct values and an excellent sensitivity when compared to a conventional RNA extraction method, although it is critical to include an internal control to check each sample for potential inhibition.

SensiFAST cDNA Kit

The SensiFAST cDNA Kit provides a rapid and sensitive method for first-strand cDNA synthesis, which displays excellent linearity across a wide range of starting material. This gives the same relative representation in cDNA templates, regardless of gene abundance, making it excellent for use in qPCR studies.

  • Efficient – high-target affinity, for improved yield of full-length cDNA
  • Unbiased – optimized mix of primers for complete 5’ to 3’ RNA sequence representation
  • Sensitive – enabling accurate detection of very low-copy targets

SensiFAST Probe Kit

The SensiFAST Probe Kit has been developed for fast, highly reproducible qPCR under fast thermal cycling conditions.

  • Reproducible – consistent results for increased confidence in results
  • Robust – reliable, accurate detection of targets from a broad range of sample types
  • Sensitive – quantification of low abundance targets and scarce samples

SensiFAST Lyo-Ready No-ROX Mix

The SensiFAST Lyo-Ready No-Rox Mix is a glycerol-free mix that can be lyophilized with assay-specific primers and probes to produce ambient temperature stable qPCR master mixes that give outstanding assay reproducibility, sensitivity and robustness following rehydration.

  • Glycerol-free – with a novel blend of lyo-excipients for extended room-temperature stability
  • Robust – Suited for multiplex-assays and low-copy number targets
  • Fast – delivers reproducible, accurate assay results in as little as 30 minutes

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