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Request your Proof-of Performance (POP) Study on the Ionic Purification System, Free of Charge

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Send your cultured cell, sorted cell or FFPE samples to GC biotech and we will run them on the Ionic Purification System by Purigen Biosystems. Afterwards, you will receive the purified DNA or RNA for further downstream analysis and become aware of the benefits of isotachophoresis on your data quality. 

– Higher amplifiable yields
– Higher quality and longer fragment lengths
– Simplified workflows which save time while minimizing the risk of sample contamination

How does it work

1 Select a sample type to submit. Currently supported sample types are cultured cells, sorted cells or FFPE.

2 Determine how many samples you want to submit (with a maximum of 8 samples, free of charge). 

3 Discuss the goals of your POP with us. We will generate a Proof-of-Performance Request Form.

4 Fill out a sample manifest and send your samples to GC biotech

5 Receive your purified DNA or RNA in approximately 10 business days.

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