Many applications performed on DNA are performed on RNA biology too. To enable the RNA research, GC biotech offers both the CleanNA isolation kits as well as the Bioline reagents. The CleanNA magnetic bead based kits are part of a growing product range offering many applications. Even if your direct need is not available as a product at the moment, our dedicated research team is able to determine the feasibility of your assay in a CleanNA magnetic bead based kit.

The Bioline reagents can be used for many different applications containing RNA, miRNA, ncRNA and cDNA synthesis.

An important factor when working with RNA is the availability of an RNase free working environment. The Bioline products are produced RNase free to ensure the highest quality. When performing NGS using RNA samples, the CleanNA CleanNGS kit is the best choice for your assay as the production of this kit is also RNase free.